New All-Purpose Calculator App, IntelliCal, Now Available In The Windows Store

Boston, Massachusetts   July 22, 2014   Entertainment News
(PRLEAP.COM) July 22, 2014 - IntelliCal is an easy to use, beautifully packed calculator that includes both a scientific and regular calculator, as well as topic-specific knowledge provided by Wolfram | Alpha. The app is designed to increase user's productivity and make life easier through providing an all-purpose calculator for everyday use from currency to metric conversions.

IntelliCal is the most intelligent calculator in the world, and currently the only Wolfram I Alpha Certified app in the Windows store. The app can be used for a wide range of everyday scenarios. These options range from the simple calculator to accessing the most commonly used scenario-based knowledge engines of Wolfram | Alpha. IntelliCal is perfect for high school and university students as well as engineering professionals.

The versatile calculator app is beautifully designed featuring an easy to use tab based interface for easy navigation and built in shortcuts for alternative features. Users may use it as a simple calculator, making easy and humble calculations, or use it as a scientific calculator, calculating all major geometric functions in both degrees and radians supported. Along with currency and metric conversions the app also features a precious metals engine and TMV calculator for investors and other financial professionals.

In addition to the efficient scientific calculating functionality, IntelliCal may also be used for simple tip calculations. The free app features fast bill entry and splitting. IntelliCal makes it quick and easy to calculate the tip and split a bill among friends.

The app was designed by Vishnu Nath, a software engineer at Microsoft. "We created IntelliCal to be the perfect calculator for simple to scientific calculations on Windows. In short, IntelliCal can perform all sorts of computations to make your life easier using an intuitive and easy-to-user interface" said Vishnu Nath, the creator of IntelliCal.

To add even more to user's productivity, IntelliCal has a credit card payment calculator. which computes the minimum payment users would need to make each month to clear their credit card debts.

IntelliCal may be downloaded for free now on the Windows Store.

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