Time is Art: A Heart Opening, Cinematic Initiation Into a Worldwide Transformation

Brooklyn, New York   July 31, 2014   Entertainment News
(PRLEAP.COM) July 31, 2014 - Our award winning team of filmmakers are thrilled to introduce an inspired co-created transmedia film project, Time is Art, a work-in-progress feature documentary. An Indiegogo film crowdfunding campaign was launched to answer the call for opportunities to feature prolific visionaries and scholars, including Graham Hancock, Alex Grey & many others. The filmmakers have been hailed by Reality Sandwich as having the "energy, intelligence and enthusiasm that is simply wonderful" and have encouraged others to "support this quality dream team as they catalyze communities and culture to engage with the synchronicity phenomenon."

We are grateful that our artful documentary at such an early stage is receiving so much praise and support. The story resonates at this pivotal moment in time with many people all over the world who are having experiences of synchronicity and awakening to a reality that is much more than meets the eye.

Our film follows Jennifer's journey, a writer and skeptic who changes her tune after experiencing mysterious, possibly supernatural events that compel her to follow recurring symbols and uncanny instances of synchronicity. Similar to films such as Waking Life, Samsara and Occupy Love; this is a dream-like journey through a beautiful tapestry of mystical inquiry, weaving science & magic, community activism and street art with experiences of collective consciousness; we learn to see with our hearts what was once invisible and are awakened to how interdependently connected to each other we really are.

Throughout her serendipitous journey, Jennifer meets with scholars, artists, activists, and mystics; in an attempt to understand her initiation into a new reality, in which everyone and everything appears to be "in sync" connected by a larger purpose. This film captures the collective zeitgeist in which people all around the world are rejecting the linear and exploitative structures of "time is money" and transforming their lives into the more holistic, interdependent, spiral dynamic of "time is art," a state in which we are free to access the joy of consciously co-creating the now.

So far we've been blessed to film with Daniel Pinchbeck, author of many books including 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl and host of Gaiam TV's Mind Shift; as well as Amy Lansky PhD, author of Active Consciousness: Awakening the Power Within, Astrologer, Rebecca Gordon, NYC mural artist, Chris Soria, community organizers, wisdom keepers, peace activists and musicians.

We're raising money, (currently 58% funded) to accept the invitation by the Synchronicity Matter & Psyche Symposium to be the official documentary filmmakers of their monumental event and have exclusive access to all their Internationally hailed speakers and include them in our film. In order to do this we need to raise $5,000 to cover the cost of traveling our New York key crew members & pulling Los Angeles equipment & other resources to put on a high quality film production of the event.

This project is part of our mission to connect the work of grassroots arts community movements and indigenous people's wisdom with permaculture technologies and the leading minds in metaphysics who have paved the way with their revolutionary examination of existence and empowering call to action for change. We invite the audience to join the mind and heart-expanding journey of their own experience with synchronicity, and to question the nature of reality in the process.

Upcoming Event Film Fundraising Party in Brooklyn:
Friday Aug 8th, 2014
at 8:00pm - 1:00am

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Learn more about the film at: http://thesyncmovie.com
Support the Indiegogo film campaign at: http://igg.me/at/thesyncmovie
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