19 Year Old Publishes Western Novel She Wrote In High School

Valley Center, California   August 17, 2014   Entertainment News
(PRLEAP.COM) Valley Center, Calif., (August 17, 2014) - Sandra M Kimball, (writing under the pen name Killion Sile) was still a junior in high school when she began work on 25 Dead. Killion became intensely passionate about writing a western novel while on a family road trip to Texas. She spent the next several months conducting in depth research into how people lived, spoke, dressed, and existed in Texas in the 1880s. By the time Killion graduated from high school in June of 2013, her 400+ page manuscript was complete and ready for editing.

Killion first caught the attention of her 12th grade, high school English teacher when her class was given an assignment to write a two page Canterbury tale that followed a rhyme scheme. Killion turned in an easy 8 page story about a swamp man and three gangster trespassers. It was one of the finest tales her English teacher had ever received from one of his students.

People who have read Killion's work have marveled at the level of talent found in her writing. Killion's editor commented; "It's blazingly obvious that she has phenomenal natural talent when it comes to writing and constructing a story-not something you typically see in a teenager. She should be very proud of this first novel."

25 Dead is the story of Cora Gottschalk, a seventeen year old girl living in Waco, TX, 1880. After her family is murdered by cattle thieves, Cora decides to take up bounty hunting as her form of vengeance. As she travels the Chisholm Trail, Cora faces down deadly towns, thugs, wild Indians, desolate plains and general lawlessness which stand between her and the villainous characters she stalks.

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A student at Palomar College in northern San Diego County, Killion Sile attends writing classes in the day while working on her next project, a steam punk miniseries titled The Order Ideology, on evenings and weekends. Killion generally shuns social media and shopping malls and instead spends her time writing, cooking, drawing, and sewing.

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