To celebrate its first year in publishing, Otherworld Cottage is putting its house (and music CD catalog) in order

Los Angeles, California   August 25, 2014   Entertainment News
(PRLEAP.COM) August 25, 2014 - Last fall, Otherworld Cottage Industries published the book, "Travis Edward Pike's Odd Tales and Wonders: 1964-1974 A Decade of Performance," recounting Travis' exciting musical career in Germany, the car wreck that ended it, and his re-emergence as a singer-songwriter, first in military hospitals where, recovering from reconstructive surgery, he took a guitar and went from ward to ward, entertaining other servicemen, singing parodies and novelty songs he composed with the idea that, upon his discharge, he might return to Germany as a civilian and take up where he left off.

Pike's recovery took longer than anticipated and that opportunity passed, but some of the songs he composed in anticipation of returning to his German-Italian rock band, "The Five Beats," fit well into "Feelin' Good," his father's 1966 theatrical feature film in which Travis played the male lead. A civilian again, on the heels of that film's release, and armed with the original songs from his hospital and movie repertoire, he began reinventing himself, starting as a solo act in the Boston Coffeehouse scene and finally, putting together a new concert-oriented rock band, "Travis Pike's Tea Party," that quickly became a favorite with audiences across New England.

As it reaches the end of its first year as a CD publisher, Otherworld Cottage Industries will have released four albums with roots in last year's Odd Tales and Wonders publication, to wit; the "Tea Party Snack Platter," "Reconstructed Coffeehouse Blues," "Odd Tales and Wonders Stories in Song," and, due for release in September 2014, "Feelin' Better," featuring seven updated songs from the movie "Feelin' Good," and returning to the early sixties sound palette (including saxophone), favored by Travis in Europe in 1964.

According to fan mail received so far, "Pike's 'Tea Party Snack Platter' is a yummy return to the 60's and 70's without the calories. Travis' perspective on life, influenced by the evolutionary decade when the tunes were originally created, still resonates today. He and brother Adam's modern production brings freshness to the material, allowing listeners to experience it again for the first time. Pretty tasty, gentlemen!"

"The lyrics to the songs in 'Reconstructed Coffeehouse Blues' are fabulous; thoughtfully crafted and thought-provoking. My favorites are the ballads and there are several … 'Don't You Care At All' is a moving reflection of the Vietnam War era audience favorites then, destined to be CD collectors' favorites now."
"'Odd Tales and Wonders Stories in Song' is an amazing collection of true entertainment in musical form for both adults and children. My favorite is 'Till the End,' which is destined to become the biggest new Halloween Song hit in a long time! Travis' vocals and sound effects are thrilling, chilling and fun! He has created suspense, humor and terror never captured quite this way before. It is a 'must' for Halloween celebrations."

"Feelin'Better" hasn't been released yet, but its audio samples will soon start appearing, along with the audio samples from the other CD albums currently posted at

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