Investor Alert: Securities Adam S. Tracy Investigates Investment Advisor Fraud

Chicago, Illinois   September 11, 2014   Business News
(PRLEAP.COM) CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, September 11, 2014 / Securities attorney Adam S. Tracy and the investor rights attorneys of the Securities Compliance Group announced today an initiative to investigate investment advisor fraud. On the heels of a series of announcements by the Securities and Exchange Commission, the firm's attorneys are seeking consultations with consumers who have suffered investment loss as a result investment advisor malfeasance including misrepresentations, fraud and theft. The SEC most recently announced administration actions against large investment advisors Archer Advisors and Robare Group, which may have impacted thousand's of consumers.

"Investment advisor fraud tends to impact consumers on a greater level in that advisors carry the power to make direct investment decisions on behalf of consumers," stated attorney Adam S. Tracy, the firm's founding partner. "Our investigation into cases of fraud going back throught the financial meltdown of the mid-2000's would indicate that clients of investment advisors who have engaged in unlawful practices are more prone to devastating financial losses," he continued. Attorney Adam Tracy represents investors across the country in cases against investment advisors, stockbrokers and illegal investment promoters.

"The last thing an aggrieved investor should believe is that they have no right of recourse against unscrupulous advisors." In many instances, the SEC or other enforcement agency will take control of the remaining assets of the advisor in order to distribute the funds to the losing investors. Investors with questions regarding investment advisor practices are encouraged to call the Securities Compliance Group for a no-obligation consultation.

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