Tahitian Black Pearl - A Beautiful Engagement Ring for The Beloved

January 06, 2006   Business News
(PRLEAP.COM) When it comes to selecting an engagement ring for their sweethearts, most men are completely clueless. The confusion is compounded when they are faced with the wide range of jewelry and gemstones that they can choose from. The one thing that most men would agree is that they want to buy an engagement ring that is stunning, unique and as rare as the woman they are going to marry. This is why a Tahitian pearl engagement ring is the perfect choice.

Here are some great reasons that Tahitian pearl engagement ring has been purchased for a bride.

* The Tahitian black pearl is also called the ‘Queen of pearls’ and the ‘Pearl of Queens’. This is because the Tahitian black pearl was originally worn only by royalty. Due to its rare occurrence it was very highly prized and continues to be so today. One’s wife to be is just as rare and precious to him. Gifting her a Tahitian pearl engagement ring can be a way to show her how important she is. It is also symbolic of promise to cherish her and treat her with love and respect for the rest of his lives together.

* Of course, for some brides diamonds are an absolute must. If a sweetheart has her heart set on diamonds why not gift her a diamond and pearl engagement ring? She will absolutely love the fact that an extra mile was taken to get her a ring that is different from what all other brides are wearing. The novelty of having a pearl and diamond engagement ring is a good way to show her that a man will work hard at making all special occasions in the future equally exciting.

* Legend has it that the Tahitian black pearl was a gift of love given by the Gods to mankind. An engagement ring is also a gift of love given to the bride to be. It is a commitment to adore and honor her. A Tahitian black pearl is symbolic of this very sentiment and would act as a continuous reminder of feelings for the beloved. It is a great way to manifest a man’s intangible feelings in a tangible manner.

My Hawaiian Jewelry CEO Mr.Yoshi reaffirms this belief. He says, “Many of our clients come asking specifically for black Tahitian pearl engagement rings. They have heard of the legends surrounding black pearls and find it very symbolic of their feelings. We have designed black Tahitian pearl engagement rings with diamonds, in gold and platinum settings. Some customers have also requested for matching Black Tahitian pearl pendants and earrings to give as a wedding gift to their spouse. It really is very romantic!”

So when looking to surprise someone special and show her how much you really care, a Tahitian black pearl engagement ring is just the must item.
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