EMB Still the #1 Merchant Account Provider for Cigar and Tobacco Businesses

April 30, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Los Angeles, CA April 30, 2015 eMerchantBroker.com, the leading high risk merchant processor in the United States and Canada is still the number one choice of cigar and tobacco merchants.

The federal government is especially critical of tobacco, cigar and pipe products leading to frustrating and costly changes to rules and regulations. Merchants can quickly become vulnerable without warning, causing banks to refuse merchant services even to cigar and tobacco merchants with good credit. But high risk processors like eMerchantBroker, embrace new industries and take on new challenges. Here is what the merchants of CHCC have to say about their experience with EMB, "I have had problems with other companies when trying to get a merchant account. I had funds held up, accounts closed etc. These guys were very upfront and I even got a free credit card terminal."

Fine cigars, unique pipes, and premium tobacco are commodities that only specific tobacco connoisseurs invest in, and the industry suffers from complications associated with online tobacco industries, and high chargeback rates. Plus recent anti-smoking ads and anti-tobacco lobbying has caused a significant drop in tobacco sales, leaving merchants to find alternative ways to make money like switching to the electronic cigarette market. As a result, most tobacco and cigar merchants can only accept cash due to insufficient merchant account management. But high risk specialists, like those found at EMB, want to work with tobacco and cigar merchants to enable customers to pay with checks, debit, credit, and other types of payment.

eMerchanBroker.com is North America's leading high risk payment processor. If a merchant is high risk or has bad credit, they will need a lender to provide safe and easy payment methods for customers. Expert advisers are available 24 hours to assist merchants anywhere in the United States and Canada.

Contact eMerchantBroker.com to start a low hassle, stress free tobacco, cigar, or cigar pipe merchant account today.

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