Worsley Plant Introduce A New Innovative Concept Of Screening Bucket

May 08, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
May 8, 2015 - Worsley Plant, supplier of materials processing equipment to the construction, demolition, waste management, landscaping and recycling industries, is proud to introduce a brand new concept of Screening Bucket from our supplier REMU.

The Crossover bucket (XO for short) is a totally new concept in the attachment sector, offering customers the most versatile attachment for their construction machinery. Put simply it is a bucket frame which can be connected to several work modules, enabling fast changes for different jobs. Basically you are changing the module instead of the bucket. Changeover takes just 10 minutes!

There are 3 modules available:
  • SB Module
  • SC Module
  • SV Module

  • Blade Screen Module (SB)
    Ideal for screening top soil or using for padding pipelines and cables. The rotating blades process even the most moist top soil and are available in several spacings. Also great for mixing soil, sand and fertilizers to get the ideal mix, landscaping, screening peat and soil stabilization

    Screener Crusher Module (SC)
    An excellent choice when you need to grind lumpy materials such as topsoil. The crushing blades push the materials through the blades to make it finer. Applications also include mixing and aeriating compost, grinding packed materials to make them loose, and crushing roof tiles and wood.

    Vibrating Screening Module (SV)
    Based on a vibrating movement in conjunction with a screening mesh (available in various sizes). It is ideal for separating sand from paving stones for reuse, screening the sand or other loose and dry materials, and shaking waste and dirt out of recyclable material.

    Crossover makes thinks easier:
  • Accomplish various different types of work with one bucket
  • Change the particle size during screening
  • Process different types of material e.g. topsoil or compost
  • Alternate between crushing and screening
  • Easily change between blade screening and vibratory screening
  • Use the bucket to load or move materials

  • Two different sizes of the Crossover bucket will be launched initially. The XO2090 is recommended for excavators over 5 tons and the XO2150 for excavators over 8 tons.

    Come along to see the REMU Crossover bucket in action at PLANTWORX, where we are officially launching it to the UK market.

    In addition we will be showcasing our other leading industry products, including two new crushing buckets from MB, the award winning LEHNHOFF Variolock Quickcoupler and demolition attachments from ROTAR. We're on Stand SCZ2, and also at work in the Site Clearance & Demolition Zone.

    To find out more, visit www.worsleyplant.co.uk or call us on 01606 835544.

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