Chin's Mojo unveils Mount Chinmore studio album

June 19, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Entertainment News
June 19, 2015 - Chin's Mojo independently releases a new album today, "Greetings from Mount Chinmore". This is the second recording to feature Chin's Mojo accompanied by a symphony orchestra. The album art features a postcard from Mount Chinmore National Park, and the message is obvious; This Texas band delivers a sound as inspiring and grand as Mount Chinmore.

Known for innovative songwriting and a spectacular light and laser concert stage show, Chin's Mojo creates an experience that connects with their fans on many levels. "What passes for original music is typically three chords and lyrics about whiskey. There are few real bands with any credibility or purpose" noted vocalist Tom Jordan. "There's very little money and a lot of work involved in creating something personal, but it deserves to be done. It then becomes a matter of reaching out with a melody that people will remember."

With "Greetings from Mount Chinmore", the band releases 8 original songs on their first album in nearly two years. Like the previous release ("Man O' War"), Mount Chinmore relies on the rock performance from of Chin's Mojo accompanied by the splendor of a symphony orchestra (the North Sentinel High School symphonic band). Chin's Mojo's drummer Steve Kautz explained, "We going to create the best song possible, using every possible element. We'll do whatever it takes to draw out that emotional experience. We own a recording studio near Dallas, so there's a lot of listening, a lot of crafting a song and experimentation. Adding that layer of rich orchestration behind the rock band is icing on the cake."

"Finding that place", Steve concluded, "that metaphorical mountain or place where you feel understood and you're bravely singing along with your favorite band, that's where we want to take you. It's personal, it's larger than life and it feels right; That's what music is supposed to do."

Having the tools and ambition to do whatever the song needs is the difference on a Chin's Mojo album. Bassist David Long added, "We're building something that nobody else can build, period. It's a vision and a mission. It will be beautiful and we're excited to share it with you, to add that one more voice to the song. Your voice."

"Greetings from Mount Chinmore" is now available directly from the band's website and most online distribution stores (iTunes, Amazon). Lyrics are included with the album packaging, Chin's Mojo hopes you will sing along and discover something special and personal at Mount Chinmore.

Who: Chin's Mojo
What: New studio album, "Greetings from Mount Chinmore"
Where: Independently recorded (Dallas, Texas) / Available at
When: Released June 2015

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