Promising New Study Shows Pain Relief For Adult Scoliosis Sufferers

Grand Blanc, Michigan   October 03, 2015   Health News
(PRLEAP.COM) October 3, 2015 - Grand Blanc, MI - Scoliosis is an abnormal curvature of the spine that affects up to nearly 70% of adult post-menopausal patients. Accordingly to newly published research in the International Journal of Clinical Medicine, adult scoliosis patients using the Scoliosis Activity Suit achieve significant improvements in their pain levels, their ability to perform their normal daily activities, and curve correction.

Dr. Mark Morningstar, DC, PhD of the ScoliSMART Clinics, lead author of the study and Michigan native, explained the study as "a significant step in the right direction for those in constant pain from their scoliosis. Most adult scoliosis patients are only given pain management and surgical options for treatment. We're now developing conservative, non-surgical methods like this to help these people avoid more conventional high risk treatments."

In the study, 79% of adult patients wearing the Scoliosis Activity Suit for 4-6 hours per day over an 18-month period saw their scoliosis improve by at least 6 degrees, and enjoyed significant reductions in pain levels. This study is the second such study on the Scoliosis Activity Suit. According to Dr. Morningstar, two more studies on this exercise device are currently in the publication process.

For more information on the Scoliosis Activity Suit, please visit the ScoliSMART Clinics website at, or by phone at (810) 694-4023.
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