Modular Conveyor System Accommodates Production Changeover Without Snares

February 07, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Dan Duchamp, a Louisiana manufacturer of crawfish traps, knows a lot about avoiding the pitfalls of standard conveyor systems, and getting trapped by choosing material handling equipment that's not well-suited to meet present and future needs.

One of the major advancements in material handling technology occurred just a few years ago with the introduction of the modular conveyor system by Dynamic Conveyor Corp. (Muskegon, MI). These systems are perfect for many light- and medium-duty applications, offering manufacturers the advantages of quick and easy reconfiguration and, thereby, a high ROI as well as the ability to make smooth changeover transitions.

"One of the reasons we bought the modular system is that it is easily moved," says president Dan Duchamp. "Whether we need to change setups or service the injection molding machine there's no interference from the conveyor because you can simply slide it out of the way. This is important when we have to change setups or service the molding machine. It's lightweight enough for one person to move or even lift without a strain."

Many fixed metal conveyors involve expensive, specialized engineering and possibly costly and time-consuming installation techniques such as welding.

These modular systems offer robust features while eliminating special engineering and installation requirements. Duchamp, whose operation integrates two DynaCon conveyors, extended the belting on one last year, an operation that was simple and inexpensive. "Our DynaCon system was easy to install, easy to reconfigure, and easy to move and easy to maintain," says Duchamp. "An individual can reconfigure the full unit or just pick it up and move it out."

With modular systems you can stock a few replacement modules or accessories according to your usage. "An advantage of modular parts is that it's quite practical for us to store some spare parts," says Duchamp. "Because the modules are standardized, it is easy for the manufacturer to inventory spares, so you know they're going to be available."

The DynaCon modular system offers a wide array of accessories and specialized-application modules that completely integrate with other modules, thereby providing users with added configuration latitude, dependable performance and cost savings.

DynaCon systems offer an exclusive radius turn module that flows flat or on an incline or decline. The system also provides for ascending and descending angles with bowl feeding and walk-under applications. Available electrical accessories include box filling via counting machine cycles, electronic eye for parts counting and placement, as well as electrical controls for indexing and reversing.

Ease of maintenance and uptime for material handling equipment are hand in glove. Both affect productivity and profits. "The cost of a conveyor can be far greater than purchase price," says Duchamp. "It's the benefits, the things you can do with it, and the things you don't have to do, such as maintenance. One of the main reasons we bought a DynaCon system was because it is durable plastic [polypropylene and polycarbonate] and non-corrosive."

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