Salvaged: The Montclairs 1966 performance of the movie title song "Feelin' Good" is available now on YouTube

September 12, 2016 (PRLEAP.COM) Entertainment News
When Pike Productions closed its doors, Travis Edward Pike's father, James A. Pike, producer and director of the 1966 Boston-based, pop music movie FEELIN' GOOD, moved his film library from his Newport Rhode Island offices to the subterranean vault constructed under the detached screening room erected at his home near the beach in Wakefield, Rhode Island. In 2010, that vault was inundated by a record-breaking flood, and many thousands of feet of original exposed film negatives, inter-positives and prints were destroyed, including the theatrical film "FEELIN' GOOD."

Otherworld Cottage Industries founder, Travis Edward Pike, had starred in that film, and the performances of the ten original songs he had composed for it were believed lost. But when Pike senior's estate was settled, three reels of a five-reel print of "FEELIN' GOOD" were recovered by Travis' brother, Gregory, and shipped to Otherworld Cottage in Los Angeles.

The film cans were so rusted, that Travis didn't even try to open them. He took them to Deluxe, where the film was cleaned and prepped for a one-lite transfer from the aged 35mm print to a digital format that Otherworld Cottage Industries creative coalition member Brent Backhus could use to attempt to restore the color and extract the music clips for publication on Youtube. They quickly discovered that the vibrant color of the original was so faded, it looked more like poorly tinted black and white, but the mono optical soundtrack sounded good, so Travis opted to digitize it all and turn it over to Brent.

"Brent managed to restore some of the color," says Travis, "but the film print had become warped, creating a pulsing effect beyond our control as it passed through the telecine process. It became even more noticeable when Brent started doing his color correction. Whenever he managed to approximate the original color, that pulse we'd observed treated us to some bizarre colors not found in the original - or in nature, for that matter. I was disheartened, until Brent suggested that since "FEELIN' GOOD" was a sixties movie, he thought the throbbing psychedelic image thing just went with the period. Well, that worked for me, and seeing the images and hearing the sounds we'd generated a half-century ago, made it all worthwhile."

Only three of the songs Travis sang in the movie were recovered, but happily, all three of the songs performed by The Montclairs of Waltham, Massachusetts, winners of the first Jaycee's Battle of the Bands staged in Weymouth, Massachusetts, were saved. With that win, The Montclairs earned their appearances in the movie, and performed two songs Travis composed for them; the title song, "Feelin' Good," and "Come Back Home," a companion piece originally intended to be the flip side to a proposed 45 single recording. Their third movie performance was their signature rendition of Gerschwin's immortal classic, "Summertime."

Salvaged performances by Travis include "I Beg Your Pardon," sung on a Swan Boat in Boston's Public Gardens to his lovely co-star, Patricia Ewing, "The Way That I Need You," and "Watch Out Woman" both performed with the Brattle Street East on the Charles River Esplanade, for an audience of youthful dancers, fans, and a gathering flotilla of sailboats. All the restored songs are now being published on Youtube, one week apart, leading up to the 50th anniversary of the Boston world premiere in the downtown Paramount Theater in October, 1966. In the music clip published on Youtube today, popular mid-sixties WBZ Radio DJ Bruce Bradley introduces the Montclairs' performance of the title song, "Feelin' Good."

Travis Edward Pike's 2014 album release, "FEELIN' BETTER" showcases new stereo recordings of seven of the eight songs Travis performed in "FEELIN' GOOD," including the three mentioned above, although the more evolved version of "Watch Out Woman" is titled "Things Aren't Always What They Seem." CLICK HERE to audition that entire 2014 album on Youtube.

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