Applewood Acres Gardening & Landscaping Announces Company’s Commitment to Organic Services and Supporting Pesticide-Ban

January 28, 2006   Health News
(PRLEAP.COM) Press Statement

Toronto, Canada - Richard Brzakala, President ,Applewood Acres Gardening & Landscaping (Lawn Care) proudly announced his company’s continued commitment to provide its services using only organic and natural products. “We take pride in being a truly organic company”, says Brzakala. “In fact we are one of only a few in the entire Toronto area”

‘Applewood’ has over 20 years of experience in providing garden, landscaping and lawn care services in the Toronto area. The company does not use any artificial fertilizers, pesticides or chemically based gardening or lawn products. Even the tree bark mulch that they provide their clients is 100% organic and free of any carcinogenic dyes or toxic colour additives that may leach into soil and/or garden vegetables.

Applewood does not use any chemically based insecticides or weed control materials that are carcinogenic or present a risk to people or their pets.

Brzakala emphasizes “Applewood stands by its commitment of environmental responsibility in using only natural products that are friendly to the environment and pose no health risks to our clients or staff. We need to remind consumers that there is an organic alternative to chemicals and that companies like Applewood Acres Gardening & Landscaping, can help them with any questions they have or services they may need,” says Brzakala.

“At Applewood we are concerned about the potential long term health implications that are associated with pesticide use and chemically treated lawns”, says Brzakala.

What is also of concern to Brzakala is the many fictitious ‘safety’ claims that many lawn ‘care’ companies in and around Toronto are making in the face of the impending tighter pesticide bylaws many municipalities are about to implement in the coming year.

“ Any company in this type of industry should assume responsibility and be truthful about their products and services and not lie to customers with deceitful marketing ads. Brzakala argues that clients are being duped by “the pesticide industry who continue to cleverly use the words “organic” to imply safe and “natural” knowing that the term legally may be applied to any compound containing carbon or hydrogen. Consumers need to educate themselves more on health and environmental hazards associated with pesticides and synthetic fertilizers”, says Brzakala. “Once people realize the potential health consequences to their families, neighbours, communities and pet’s, they realize that there are safe alternatives out there that they can turn to and companies that they can trust”, says Brzakala.

Brzakala is quick to point out that for far too long the chemical lawn care industry has gotten away with cleverly slick marketing ads portraying themselves as providing “green” and “environmentally safe” products. “It sickens me when I get advertising dropped into my mail box that depicts an innocent child playing barefoot on a lawn next to his/her dog without a care in the world. Below the picture the chemical company advertises the various “environmentally friendly” or “organically safe” service packages they purport to provide, when if fact all of these services and spray applications are highly carcinogenic and toxic in varying forms to people and animals,” says Brzakala.

“The important goal is to first educate people, raise the awareness of the health risks, then give them affordable and reliable options and alternatives. This is the only way you can get people to voluntarily change their behaviour and get them to start questioning their priorities”, says Brzakala.

“As an organic service provider we have a commitment to our customers, the community they live in and the environment that affects us all”, says Brzakala.

Brzakala likes to challenge reluctant consumers by asking them “is the $200 you pay a chemical company to come over every 3 weeks to pour toxic chemicals across their backyards and into the ground and air your children and families enjoy really worth it?”

“Organic gardening and lawn care requires patience, continuous maintenance and constant nourishing”, says Brzakala.

“Many people do not have the time, or inclination to want to learn about alternatives However, once you start pointing out the risks and potential health hazards that comes from using such chemical companies, the complacency and indifference disappears and people demand to know what products they are being exposed to, says Brzakala.

To that point Applewood will this coming season be circulating as apart of its marketing campaign and public education program the names of various chemical companies who service Toronto and Mississauga and the type of chemicals they use for treating lawns and gardens. “This is the only way the public can become truly educated in knowing who is out there telling the truth about their services. It is time to reveal the risks that are associated with these service providers and let the consumer make a educated choice.”

Company’s like Applewood Acres Gardening & Landscaping are demonstrating environmental responsibility by not only trying to raise the awareness of the organic alternative that is out there, but also by practicing what they preach. “Its about responsibility to your family’s health and community, not about esthetics and keeping up with the Jones’s. Don’t do it for your neighbors sake, or because your neighbor does it, or worse yet, that the price is right. Do it for yourself, because it is the right thing to do, and there should not be a compromise,” says Brzakala.

Richard Brzakala can be reached at his office in Toronto at Applewood Acres Gardening & Landscaping (905) 281-3111.