New Search Engine Kazzoom Expands Services To International Phone Ringtones

February 02, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News

February-2, 2006 — A new search engine called has achieved yet another breakthrough for their users. They teamed up with MediaPlazza to offer the largest mobile phone product catalog available on the Net — over 100,000 mobile products. This includes more than 40,000 ring tones (Hi-Fi, Polyphonic, sound effects)… more than 40,000 logos (color and animated color), plus a variety of java games and videos. Licensed products include Marvel, War of the Worlds, Playboy, Madagascar, the Fantastic Four, le Tour de France and Star Wars.

Their platform is connected to more than 150 carriers with access to 750 million cell phones. Content and Websites are available in 20 languages to fit the needs of virtually every cell phone user.

Kazzoom search engine uncovers 400 to 550 times more information on the Internet than the commonly used World-Wide Web. It reaches Web pages and data bases these other search engines and portals do not cover. KAZZOOM`s new indexing feature will scale up to half a trillion URL’s. It includes more of the “deep” or “invisible” Web, making it the largest, most powerful search engine yet created.

A major advantage of Kazzoom’s search engine is that it features over 15,000 free advisors and counselors that answer any questions users have. This component includes “Ask My Professor” and KAZZOOM University. Kazzoom’s designer, Terry Newborn asserts “We now have the most powerful search engine in the most powerful city in the world.”

Kazzoom’s uniqueness is its capability to uncover a wealth of information that is buried far below the “surface” Web and therefore missed by standard search engines. Contents of the “deep” Web is 1,000 to 2,000 times greater than the “surface” Web. The “deep” Web is the largest growing category on information on the Internet.

Since Kazzoom teamed up with MediaPlazza they’ve become the favorite search engine for ringtones among Internet users. Readers who need or want the most complete and comprehensive information available on line are encouraged to log on:

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