Smucker Sales and Service Offers Inverter Repair Service alongside 35+ Years of Diesel Repair

New Holland, Pennsylvania   November 30, 2016   Business News
(PRLEAP.COM) November 30, 2016 - Off grid power solutions are the norm for Smucker Sales and Service of Lancaster County, PA. Years before the push for renewable energy became popular, Amos Smucker worked closely with off-grid Amish farmers in his service area. The Amish use an innovative method to power their operations off the grid and thus remain somewhat separated from the "English community" around them.

Not that the Amish remain aloof from their neighbors. Far from it, say those who know the Amish best. They are a people who have deliberately chosen an off-grid lifestyle for religious reasons. Amos is quite familiar with the Amish way of life having spent most of his life, along with his family in and around the Amish in Lancaster County, PA.

But off-grid living is becoming more in vogue these days. With the increasing popularity of off-grid solar systems, Smucker Sales and Service has taken their knowledge gathered through 35+ years of working with the Amish, and applying it to folks who wish to install their own off-grid systems.

First, they have begun to carry an entire collection of off grid solar supplies alongside their diesel engines, generators, air compressors and other general merchandise for sale. The off grid solar supplies are primarily available for folks who have some knowledge of off grid living and want to install their own system. For those who need a turn-key system installed, Amos' oldest son took his knowledge of off-grid living learned from the Amish and started Smuckers Energy A full service Solar Energy business also located in Lancaster County.

In addition, Inverter Repair Service in PA has become a growing part of the Smucker Sales agenda. The increase of off grid solar energy needs, along with a growing number of RV's using power inverters has increased the need for quality inverter repair services in PA substantially. Being a certified Inverter Repair Center servicing PA and NJ, they offer 24 hour emergency services and quick turn around times.

While times have changed for Amos and his company, one thing remains the same. They are still a small family business now with five sons working in the company.
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