Bernard Matthews launches energy challenge to workers

February 02, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Bernard Matthews has joined forces with a Government-backed project founded by the University of East Anglia to help slow global warming.

The top 10 grocery brand, one of the largest employers in East Anglia, is leading the way among local businesses to get people to recognise the threat of carbon emissions by putting its weight behind CRed, an ambitious energy saving challenge.

CRed, the Norfolk-based Carbon Reduction Project founded by the internationally renowned School of Environmental Sciences at the UEA, is asking people around the world to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide they produce – at home, work and through transport - by 60%. Each of us produces enough CO2 to fill five hot air balloons each year. Bernard Matthews is now challenging its 4,000-strong workforce to each save three balloons-worth of damaging CO2 a year each through small changes in their everyday lifestyle.

Staff are being encouraged to sign pledges that they will personally help the campaign – by switching off lights at home, leaving the car behind when they can walk or cycle, and using energy-saving light bulbs. As an added incentive, the company is giving away an eco-friendly mountain bike in a prize draw and offering free energy saving light bulbs to the first 100 signing up.

Jeremy Hall, Technical Director, said: “By filling in pledges they are committing to doing their bit to save the planet. Hopefully Bernard Matthews’ lead will encourage other local businesses to join in. It’s all about encouraging family and friends to buy energy efficient light bulbs and even saving on heating by putting on an extra jumper. Other things we can all do which will make a real difference are insulating our lofts, using the car less, not leaving TVs on standby and changing our electricity supply to a renewable tariff.
Then we hope to extend what people are doing at home to the workplace, where if we all pull together, we can make a huge difference.”

Managing environmental matters is an important part of Bernard Matthews’ business plan. It is the only UK poultry meat company to be awarded ISO 14001 accreditation for environmental controls and management of its factories and offices.

Adds Jeremy Hall: “Our responsibility to the environment also extends right into the beautiful Norfolk countryside. We have a long established natural screening and landscaping programme around our farms and have planted over 20,000 trees to help keep our countryside well and truly ‘green’!”