Viewer Central Releases New Google MS Project Plug-in

February 04, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
The Google Microsoft Project Plug-in – GMPP – brings the power of “search” to the project manager/project participant toolbox. “Search” is a hot topic and among the hottest technologies today, with Google leading the way. Google Desktop is a powerful extension of “google” technology that brings the power of search and indexing to the PC environment. Unfortunately, from the perspective of the project manager, Google Desktop, by itself, cannot see inside of Microsoft Project Files. Viewer Central has the solution:GMPP.

Imagine this … In a large corporate/project environment, an employee assigned tasks within multiple project plans, reporting to several project managers, needs to be replaced. How do you make sure that all of that employee's tasks are identified and re-assigned? You search. With the help of GMPP, Google Desktop has indexed and cached all of the MPP files on your network. You enter the parameters – file type and name – into the search box, click “search” and almost instantly, you have a list of all references to the particular employee across all of your Microsoft Project Files.

With Google Desktop and the full version of GMPP installed, a project manager or participant can find a single reference, or multiple references, to a resource, task, rate, date, etc, across an unlimited number of Microsoft Project Files. The savings in time over the alternative – opening and searching within documents one at a time – is enormous.

The Google MS Project Plug-in works with both the standard and enterprise verisons of Google Desktop.

A free trial version and more information about the Google MS Project Plug-in is available for download at The trial version allows indexing of up to 30 Microsoft Project ( MPP ) files. The full version is priced at $29.99. Volume discounts are available for quantities of 10 or more.

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