Research Shows Data Storage Companies Fail to Deliver on Server Virtualization Promise

February 02, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Today, every data storage product in the market, such as network routers,storage area networks and network attached storage are sold by IT vendors under the guise of 'server virtualization'. Indeed,server virtualization seems to be the cure all to all data storage problems, global war, terrorism and probably even AIDS.

In a recent interview, Gary, editor of the data storage portal, ( ) rubbished the whole concept of server virtualization ( ).

To the layman, server virtualization is simply a set of tools to serve as layer between logical and physical storage. Server virtualization promises a great deal - data storage vendor neutral products in data centers and easy server consolidation.This means that CIOs no longer need to worry about buying all their data storage products from a single vendor.

Gary mentioned that server virtualization in the form of vendor neutral data storage is definitely what every IT data center needs,but no data storage company is bound to offer server virtualization since it would mean that their proprietory products could then be replaced at any time with a competitor's data storage product.

The CIO of a mid size pharmaceutical company, Mike Fisher, recently remarked that it is amazing how each and every data storage product claims to support server virtualization but does not offer product compatibility with products from other vendors.

Gary's survey of data storage products ( ) suggests that data storage vendors are least interested in saving client costs by providing server virtualization data storage products in data centers.

Gary accepts that Vmware's server virtualization products ( ) come closest to the real promise of server virtualization in terms of data center data storage technology,but there is still a long way to go to achieve true server consolidation and server virtualization.

In conclusion,server virtualization is just another marketing hype that is being touted by technology vendors. Haven't corporate clients heard of vaporware before?

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