Radio Talk Show Host Paul McGuire Warns of American Armageddon in New Book Unless Peace Comes to the Middle East

February 02, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Entertainment News
Los Angeles syndicated radio talk show host, and author Paul McGuire, warns of a nuclear strike on American soil in his new book ARE YOU READY? McGuire, who is the author of 14 books, and a professor at the King’s College, is very concerned about new threats made by Al-Qaida’s No. 2 man Al-Zawahiri, to destroy America.

Paul McGuire, who is widely respected as an expert on Israel, terrorism, and the Middle East said, that we need to take seriously Al-Qaida’s threats. On a recent Paul McGuire Show, Israeli General Shimon Erem said, “that we must be prepared for a terrorist attack against the U.S. McGuire has also talked with acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert about dangers against the nation of Israel. McGuire commented “With Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad threatening to “exterminate Israel,” the possibility of a nuclear confrontation in the Middle East increases.”

Paul McGuire recently spoke to over 7,000 people at a special event sponsored by the Kings College about Israel, Iraq, Iran and Armageddon. McGuire interviewed former President Jimmy Carter about the Middle East peace process, and Carter warned that peace had to be achieved in the Middle East quickly to avoid more bloodshed.

In Paul McGuire’s new book Are You Ready?, the author warns that Al-Qaida cells are already operating in the United States, and the possibility exists of a radiological, nuclear, or Electro Magnetic Pulse Weapon attack. McGuire writes, “that if Iran was to launch a Scud missile with a nuclear warhead over Middle America the burst of a nuclear “electro magnetic pulse,” could knock out all our power grids, communications systems, water supply, and basically send America back into the 1800’s for months. However, if you thought the chaos from Hurricane Katrina was bad, multiply that kind of chaos in every American city simultaneously.

McGuire’s book is being taken very seriously by military leaders, and even the acting Prime Minister of Israel, Ehud Olmert was urged to read the book by an Israeli General. Best-selling authors like Tim LaHaye of the Left Behind series had read McGuire’s book Countdown to Armageddon, and recommended that people read it , because it contains an urgent warning for America to get serious with the Middle East peace process