A new version of OLAP ModelKit by 9Rays.Net is available.

February 04, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
OLAP ModelKit is advantageously distinguished from the similar products. In addition to common functionality inhered by the existing OLAP components (accuracy and easiness of data analysis, ability for creating and treating alternative relations etc.), OLAP ModelKit has its own particular features.

OLAP ModelKit is completely written in managed code. This component is distinguished among competing products by an XP Themed appearance and an ability to use any .NET data sources (including ADO.NET and IList). The ability to present data using any third party chart components makes the product even more flexible and functional.

OLAP ModelKit is easy and convenient in use due to a friendly User Interface that is attractive and comprehensible. At the same time the product enables its users to interact with huge and complicated databases. The users are able to view any amount of data in any way considered to be suitable at the moment as well as to perform interactive analysis of any type and quality due to such manipulations as data filtering, drilling down, rolling up, dimensional pivoting and ranking.

The new version of the product features the following characteristics:

1. The DataCubeGrid.ActiveCell property has been implemented. This property allows a user to get the information on active table cells. This information includes row value, column value, the number of row and column and the value fact being displayed in an active cell.
2. The DataCubeGrid.DrawCell event has been added. Now while using the DataCubeGrid component, there is the possibility to selectively change the cell style set in the style sheet for the DataCube displayed.
3. The newly-added DataCubeGrid.DrawGridItem event allows a user to draw a grid cell with his/her own hand.
4. The behavior of the DataCubeGrid control has been corrected. Now the DataCubeGrid control placed on the TabControl in Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2005 works properly.

Please find the comprehensive overview of the product here:

A fully functional evaluation version is available as a free download at:

Company Overview

Founded in 2001, 9Rays.Net has gained wide experience on the tools and components market, developing high-quality products for the following platforms: Microsoft .NET (Windows.Forms and ASP.Net), Borland Delphi, C++ Builder, and ActiveX. The company's primary product focus is on development of .Net tools and components compatible with Visual Studio .Net, C# Builder, Delphi.Net and other IDEs for .Net Framework.