launches as an open public forum for rants, reviews, free classifieds and free blogs; Invites the planet to respond

February 03, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
The truly democratic nature of the Internet manifests itself even more strongly with the launch of (, the ultimate open forum for the public to express themselves with rants, reviews, ratings, rankings, blogs and free classified advertising. provides the opportunity for any individual to be a critic or commentator, allowing them to rate companies, music, movies, education, politics, interest groups, politicians, and virtually any topic or item on the planet. The commentaries on, where no view is right or wrong but a mere expression of a personal opinion, are expected to reflect the pulse of general public opinion.

Moreover, the open rating and feedback system offered by will serve as a useful tool for marketers and public relations personnel to gauge public sentiment and take predictive, preventative and corrective action to protect and boost their interests.

“ is a channel for interaction and a public forum for expressing different views on diverse topics. Equally important, is a useful vehicle for marketing. With "word-of-mouth marketing" growing in importance, as can be gauged from the recent Word of Mouth training event in Orlando or the acquisition of BuzzMetrics by NielesenNetRatings, marketers and public relations personnel will want to take advantage of a platform like which by its very nature, is ideally suited to word-of-mouth or buzz marketing," said Jonathan Gropper, co-founder of invites active Internet users and bloggers to take advantage of this excellent opportunity to express themselves and get their message across to a very broad audience.

The free online classifieds section on is segmented into major metropolitan areas and presents an extremely cost-effective channel for businesses of all sizes and individuals to advertise —every topic is available from employment to real estate nationwide to culture and personals.

"We believe the openness and unrestrictive nature of will provide the necessary automatic checks and balances to keep it a vibrant platform for meaningful exchange of public views and sharing of opinion about a wide array of topics, whether positive or negative," says Jonathan Gropper.

Jonathan also adds that " serves four functions: a medium for the latest off-beat news and events as experienced by our visitor base; a discussion board and public forum for expressing views and opinions; a customer feedback and rating channel; and a valuable marketing vehicle for business, schools, universities, politicians and public interest groups. We invite everyone, whether they are employers, employees, sports enthusiasts, students, educational institutions, politicians and government—to make the best use of as it suits their needs as well as those of the public".

About is a newly launched website, designed to be the ultimate place to read about and rate everything on the planet as well as create vibrant regional and national communities and better civic interaction and understanding. performs four main functions:

A public forum and discussion board:
users can comment on, discuss and rate virtually everything on the planet; with blogs, users can articulate any topic close to their hearts.

A Customer feedback channel:
users can directly rate their interactions with companies, employers, political parties and interest groups, music, cities, culture and virtually everything on the planet

A marketing and advertising vehicle:
with free online classifieds and the opportunity to write about anything and everything on the planet, it is an ideal platform for leveraging the power of word-of-mouth advertising while reaching out to an audience of highly active Internet users across a wide demographic profile

A news media for offbeat news:
An opportunity for readers to become reporters as they write blogs, post comments and stories as well as report on offbeat events that are unlikely to be found in the mainstream media.

Media & Business Contacts:
Jonathan Gropper, Co-Founder