February 03, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Entertainment News
Hollywood, FL Why would a high school principal, respected politician, and prestigious Hollywood producers endorse cheating?

Because the alternative is failing.

Recently licensed CPA Craig Hirsch graduated Summa Cum Laude and landed a job at the leader of the 'Big Four" accounting firms, but quickly realized he was robbed of an education.

It took only a few weeks for Hirsch to learn he knew nothing about real life, including finding an apartment, buying a car, budgeting properly, or even cooking. Using his ignorance as a motivation to learn, Hirsch embarked on a massive research project that resulted in his newest book, Schools Out, which he describes as 'the ultimate cheat sheet for life after school."

'My mom paid over $60,000 in tuition, and my tighty-whities were still coming out pink," Hirsch laughs.

Without knowing it, Hirsch latched onto an increasing epidemic plaguing high schools and colleges across the country. 'Parents are paying an exorbitant amount of money for their kids' education, but rarely do they come out of school with any useful information about real life."
Proving the problem is present with today's graduates, The Washington Post recently published a Transcript entitled 'Graduates: Planning for the Future," which featured questions and answers about nervous graduates transitioning into their stomach-turning phase of life after school.
'But information alone is not enough," explains Hirsch. 'It has to be packaged in a way that is entertaining and memorable that's why I use humorous mnemonics."
Hirsch may be referring to his how-to tips on giving a presentation N.A.K.E.D., buying a new or used H.O.T. R.O.D., how to strike financial G.O.L.D., using a credit card to C.H.A.R.G.E. it, finding a C.R.I.B. to live in, or learning proper dining etiquette that ends with a B.U.R.P. His humor-laced information combined with off-the-wall examples help students remember the critical curriculum.

Merging the two worlds of education with entertainment, Hirsch recruited an arsenal of academic scholars, Hollywood producers, politicians, and Ivy League students to review and endorse his work. Such personalities include a faculty member from Duke University, the assistant principal of Beverly Hills High School, a Harvard student, the Ft. Lauderdale Mayor, and Hollywood producers from hits Law & Order, Spiderman, and Coach.

William Fordes, Co-Executive Producer of television cult classic Law & Order exclaimed that the book is 'a great guide to success in the workplace and life, from a writer with his eye on the ball! Read it, digest the wealth of information in it, and follow the advice, if you're smart. Ignore at your own risk."

When asked his mission statement, Hirsch half-jokingly replied, 'To assure that all underwear comes out the same color as when it went into the wash machine."

Hirsch hopes his work will help new graduates eliminate the hassles he encountered all at an affordable price. '$70,000 for a degree in basket weaving and $14.95 to learn about the rest of real life. Do you think I under-priced it?"