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February 03, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Document Automation Solution Utilizes Open Standards, Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) to Place Document Composition in the Hands of Business Users

MIAMI, Fla. (GOA/Xplor Exhibition & Conference) – February 3, 2006 – Cincom Systems, Inc., a global provider of document automation solutions, today introduced Cincom Eloquence, its newest document composition offering. Cincom Eloquence helps enterprises move document design and generation out of the IT department and onto the desktops of non-technical, business-line professionals for more timely, accurate and relevant document communications.

“A prevailing trend in high-volume document production is the shift towards a more predominant role by business professionals who rely less on IT staff,” said Kemal Carr, president, Madison Advisors. “Cincom Eloquence will provide a compelling option for organizations to consider when looking for a business-oriented document composition tool that accelerates time-to-market for all types of document communications – batch and interactive.”

Simple and Easy to Use

Unlike traditional document composition systems that require significant IT involvement, Cincom Eloquence’s interface was designed specifically for business-line professionals. It merges graphical design expertise from Human Factors International, global experts in the area of user-centered design, with all of the features, content editing, and formatting capabilities of Microsoft Word, including WordML (Microsoft’s published, open XML schema). With preview capabilities accessible from directly within the design environment, Cincom Eloquence streamlines document production processes, providing one of the simplest and easiest pathways to improved document quality and deeper personalization.

Simplified User Access Improves Responsiveness

Cincom Eloquence’s thin-client interface and point-and-click access to document models allows for dynamic assembly, generation, and delivery of highly personalized documents in batch and real-time environments. Organizations can utilize out-of-the-box, web-based, guided workflows or easily integrate Cincom Eloquence’s workflow processing into their existing customer-service systems to streamline customer-communication processes and significantly reduce training burden.

Commitment to Open Standards, Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Built entirely from the ground up, Cincom Eloquence is engineered on a standards-based SOA and fully utilizes IBM’s WebSphere Application Server to provide the business agility, security, reliability, and scalability today’s global organizations demand. IBM’s WebSphere MQ technology enables tight integration with existing systems, data, and workflows while the high-performance requirements of mission-critical document production environments are addressed through a “compiled-XML” core. Cincom Eloquence provides native support for WordML and all major output formats to meet the print and electronic delivery needs of businesses.

“With the release of Cincom Eloquence, businesses will realize savings in document production costs of up to 80%, improvements in document production times by up to 90%, and reductions in document errors to near zero. We are excited to introduce Cincom Eloquence to our customers and prospects at the GOA/Xplor Exhibition & Conference on February 1-5, 2006 in Miami, Florida,” said Lori Gelter, program director, Cincom Document Solutions.

General availability for Cincom Eloquence is scheduled for the second quarter of 2006.

About Cincom

For nearly 40 years, Cincom's software and services have helped thousands of clients worldwide simplify the management of complex business processes. Cincom specializes in the five areas of business where simplification brings the greatest value to managers who want to grow revenue, control costs, minimize risk, and achieve rapid ROI better than their competitors: data management; marketing, sales and customer service; application development; manufacturing business; and outsourcing/hosting.

Cincom Document Solutions (CDS) makes investments in customer data, ECM, and CRM actionable with simplified customer communications, backed by decades of experience and commitment to automate the design, deployment, delivery, and management of highly personalized document communications. CDS has helped clients such as Barclay’s Bank, MTL Insurance, Christian Children’s Fund, U.S. Social Security Administration, and Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield strengthen and expand their customer relationships through the creation, personalization, production, delivery, and management of high-quality document communications.

For more information about Cincom's products and services, contact Cincom at 1-800-2CINCOM (USA only), send an e-mail to, or visit the company's website at


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