Trlokom SpyWall Protects Against Malicious ActiveX That Bypass ActiveX Kill-bit Protection

February 03, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Monrovia, California - Trlokom, Inc.,
a pioneer in endpoint security software and services today
announced today that its flagship product, SpyWall Anti-
Spyware, protects PCs from malicious ActiveX controls that
are able to bypass the killbit protection. Due to a flaw in
the Internet Explorer web browser, malicious ActiveX
controls can defeat the security mechanism and execute
arbitrary code on the vulnerable PC.

It is very easy for a hacker to write a malicious ActiveX
and distribute it over the Web. With this newly discovered
vulnerability, it is very easy for user's PC to get hacked
if they knowingly or unknowingly visit malicious/compromised
web sites. Since many anti-virus and anti-spyware vendors
rely on the ActiveX KillBit as the only mechanism to defend
against malicious ActiveX, users of those products are
extremely vulnerable.

Security architecture of SpyWall is able to defend against
malicious ActiveX even if there are flaws in the web
browser that can be exploited by attackers.

"SpyWall sandbox for the web browser ensures that a
malicious ActiveX control is not able to inflict any damage
on the user's PC" said Jayant Shukla, founder and CEO of
Trlokom. "SpyWall's success in protecting against attacks
that exploit application vulnerabilities once again shows
our significant lead over competition."

Since its launch in June 2005, SpyWall has become a leader
in spyware prevention and safe Web access. SpyWall protects
the Web browser and defeats any attack that may take place
while the user is surfing the web. While all other anti-
spyware products primarily focus on cleaning spyware after
it is already on the PCs, SpyWall's unique approach
provides a far more effective solution.

SpyWall keeps the PC free of resource-sucking adware and
spyware and prevents malware from ever reaching the system
by sandboxing the Web browser and preventing malicious Web
sites from exploiting vulnerabilities. SpyWall is also able
to block phishing attacks, detect almost all key loggers
without using any signatures, control access to undesirable
web sites, and perform web usage monitoring for individual

About Trlokom, Inc. Trlokom, Inc., is a leading provider of
enterprise-class network protection with world class
solutions such as SpyWall and OmniVPN. Trlokom's flagship
product, SpyWall (Anti-Spyware) is the first and only
browser firewall/sandbox integrated with anti-spyware that
uses a behavior- based approach to block phishing attacks
and detect key loggers. SpyWall provides an enterprise
class solution for protection against spyware, secure web
access, and web usage monitoring. Trlokom's OmniVPN
solution is a featured rich integrated VPN, firewall,
Central Management tool, and intrusion prevention solution
all in one software solution that continually helps
thousands of users world wide. Trlokom is a privately held
company with headquarters in Monrovia, California. For more
information please visit us at