Premio MiniPC 1000: The World's Smallest Computer

February 03, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Premio introduces the world’s smallest computer; the Premio MiniPC 1000. With a supermini size of just 165x165x51mm, the Premio MiniPC 1000 creates extraordinary desktop space for the user to extend unlimited creativity. Using the Premio MiniPC 1000 saves over 40% of space compared to a traditional desktop PC. The ergonomic effects brought to you by the MiniPC 1000 will effectively boost your work efficiency and help maintain a pleasant mood.

Made entirely of aluminum alloy and weighing about three pounds, the Premio MiniPC 1000 is designed for high mobility. The MiniPC 1000 fully meets the demands of computer users who need to carry their computer in a briefcase or handbag from one place to another to continue their work rather than using PCs in the transit process. Premio designed its MiniPC 1000 for point-to-point mobility leaving out the monitor, keyboard and mouse. It further omits the weighty battery making the MiniPC 1000 lighter than the lightest notebook on the market. Despite its light weight, the PCs functions are not compromised at all. Premio’s ultra-portable MiniPC 1000 concept conforms to consumers’ needs more than any other PC or notebook.

“The Premio MiniPC 1000 is truly a unique PC,” said Product Manager Gary Li. “The size of the PC does not compromise function, but instead forms a balance between space and simplicity.”

The Premio MiniPC 1000 brings forth a new era for desktop PCs with unrivaled silence, power conservation and excellent performance by adopting Intel® Pentium® M 740 and Celeron® M processors with mobile technology coupled with a So-DIMM memory slot and a mini-PCI interface. The Premio MiniPC 1000 handles office work, entertainment, Internet browsing and CD/DVD burning.