Internet Broadcasters Brew Customizable Radio Show

February 03, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
A team of four maverick broadcasters has developed technology that allows anyone to listen to their own personalized radio show. Listeners can control the content they hear, the length of the show, and how often it comes out. Episodes are generated on the fly and custom-tailored for each listener…

Last March, Dailysonic LLC launched their online radio program which focuses on independent, underground, and fringe culture and music. While developing audio content, Dailysonic's founders realized that web-based audio is maliable in a way that FM and satellite radio can never be.

Dailysonic listeners can now create personalized episodes which contain only the content that interests them. The customization engine can even generate completely unique content - such as local weather reports - for each listener. It works by seamlessly stitching together smaller MP3s into a single audio file stored on Dailysonic's server. This audio can be streamed, downloaded, or subscribed to as a podcast.

Dailysonic has covered everything from circuses in Afghanistan, to grafitti artists and bookbinders in Brooklyn, to world news, to experimental Tango music, to the science of fireflies. In the future, the company plans to let outside audio producers tap into the customization engine's potential, taking internet audio to the next level.