Real Estate Opportunities Abound, but Investors Struggle to Put Deals Together

February 03, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Youngstown, Ohio — The many ads on television and magazines for seminars and instruction courses about opportunities in real estate are right about one thing and inadequate about another — real estate investing is a good way to gain wealth, but it is tough to do without an extensive list of resources to meet every need.

Opportunities for creating wealth through real estate are many, but without an extensive network of resources even the most savvy and experienced investor can run into difficulty.

Frustration over the lack of help to enable them to find rehab funding and other resources for real estate opportunities led investors who are also cousins, Joe Luckino and Frank Luckino, to create the resource they needed but could not find. Now they hope it will also help others.

"Every investment is different, and the resources that are needed change with each deal. We compiled resources to help people with finding rehab loans for fixer uppers, wholesale real estate for sale, flipping houses, foreclosures, tax liens, pre-foreclosures, bankruptcy, private financing, and other ways to make money in real estate," said Joe Luckino.

"Experienced real estate industry experts know one of the hardest things to do as an investor is to establish a team of contacts. Time is precious and deals can pass by quickly if you're not prepared with the resources needed such as financing, and so on. We designed to link investors to hard money lenders, commercial lenders, mortgage lenders, Realtors, wholesalers, rehabbers, title companies, attorneys, and more within a matter of minutes," explained Frank Luckino.

The site is also a great place to strengthen knowledge about the industry with real estate investment articles, an online chat section, daily news, and other resources, added Frank.

"More often than not, investors are locally based and have a hard time expanding into the national market. It is very time consuming to establish a network of contacts when you are not familiar with an area. We designed to allow investors to pick what geographic area they want to do business in, and then connect with resources in that specific area. We want this site to help new investors get a jumpstart in their own backyard and seasoned investors to have the opportunity to conduct business abroad by utilizing this massive network. Months of research can be reduced to a matter of minutes by utilizing our website," said Joe.

Annie Bortz