CFE Develops “Bringing the Data to Life through the Art of Storytelling” Course for Health Care Professionals

February 03, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC- Communicating for Excellence (CFE), a Research Triangle Park-based health care communications training firm, has announced the addition of “Bringing the Data to Life through the Art of Storytelling” to its curriculum. This course was developed specifically for researchers and other health care professionals who are searching for a more dynamic and engaging approach to present scientific information—including study results and other findings—to peers, colleagues, and laypersons.
“Those heavily involved with the scientific endeavors of the health care industry are very comfortable when discussing raw data amongst themselves,” said Deborah St James, consultant for CFE. “However, more and more often, these individuals are being required to present such information to those who don’t have an extensive scientific background— such as venture capitalists, sales representatives, marketing managers, and others. This requires an ability to present the data in a way that is meaningful to these non-scientific audiences. But, because most science majors typically don’t get the training or practice necessary to become effective communicators, problems can arise.
“There was a time when sales and marketing were the primary drivers in the success of a pharmaceutical or biotech company. Not anymore,” explained St James. “Today, the primary engine driving growth in these industries is research and development. And the scientists in these areas have the information needed to move audiences to action. Unfortunately, these same scientists often have limited skills to effectively communicate valuable information. The Communicating for Excellence seminars can help individuals overcome these obstacles.”
“Bringing the Data to Life through the Art of Storytelling” is a 90-minute interactive program presented on-site at the facilities and campuses of CFE clients. Each seminar is tailored to the needs of individual groups and storytelling techniques are taught through the use of case studies and hypotheticals. Additionally, CFE instructors offer one-on-one evaluation of participants’ presentation skills.
“Many who entered the scientific profession assumed that they would spend their careers in the lab and not have to interact with those outside of their peer groups,” explained St James. “However, that’s just not the case any longer. Instead, the inability to clearly and effectively express themselves to a wide range of audiences prevents those in this category from advancing in their careers. As a result, they are often relegated to staying at the ‘bench.’
“Those in medical affairs, clinical communications, regulatory affairs and other science-focused positions would be a much more valuable resource to the company if they had the communication skills that allowed them to comfortably step outside the lab and share their valuable information. That’s exactly what this new course has been designed to address,” said St James.
For more information about “Bringing the Data to Life through the Art of Storytelling,” as well as other CFE courses, call Michele Lashley at 919.673.3912, e-mail inquiries to or visit the firm’s Web site at

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