Emer USA launche new Light Vacuum for easy use

February 03, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Introducing: Zaffiro-the new, affordable and innovative light weight vertical vacuum for every day use
EmerUSA and its Italian parent company bring yet another product that will make a strong entry into US markets. In 2005, when the line of stylish, modern and robust vacuum cleaners has been launched under the Emer brand, Emer team have recognized the need for more affordable and yet similar line of product for the mass end-user. Franco Emiletti, Managing Director, and Bill Gelchion, President of the US operations, believe that Emer’s floor care products can be successfully adopted and accepted into the broad American market through their latest innovation and newest series of special products appropriately named the Disegno Italiano.
Zaffiro (E-ZEE Verticals): A new generation of upright cleaner that addresses easy, every day use for a hard floor cleaning.
The emergence of this unit, which combines characteristics of traditional upright and so called “stick” cleaners, will change the categories in which these type of products have been placed. Besides its stylish design and multi-functional use, this new product also targets retail price point levels that are often omitted by most European manufacturers. Currently, very few units are placed in the upright segment between $100.00 to $200.00. Hybrid Zaffiro, with power level comparable to full size vaccum cleaners, is a new player that positions stick/upright as a convenient and affordable solution to most end-users. This new category of products can grow in dramatic fashion as emergence of hard floor coverings reaches nearly 50% or more in consumer homes. Extremely versatile, powerfull and incredibly lightweight, Zaffiro is designed for maximum comfort and cleaning effectiveness, and offers sophisticated HEPA, charcoal or micro filtration systems. The need for Flexible cleaning options include electric motorized brush, turbo nozzle, floor polisher, and special care brush for hard surfaces. Zaffiro is an ideal solution for all cleaning situations in large or small households. Displaying this unit in your showroom enables customer to physically feel the difference this vacuum will make in his/her home. Visit us at our web site EmerUSA.com