PixelSavvy.com - Advertising With Savvy!

February 03, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
PixelSavvy.Com launches a fresh spin on the competition with it's new website devoted to promotion, advertising and marketing. The ongoing effort of Dylan Savage (Recording Industry Major) has opened up this site with the hopes of paying his way through college, and starting up his own recording studio.

"There's a new way to advertise with savvy!" says the owner of PixelSavvy.com, Dylan Savage. "I have gone to great lengths to ensure that all of my clients are treated with amazing customer service, satisfaction, and support.

PixelSavvy.Com's family safe advertising and internet marketing company has already sold off over 1400 pixels of it's 1,000,000 pixel gallery.

The way it works: an image is placed on PixelSavvy's homepage that links back to the client's website. Pixels are sold at $1.00 per pixel in 100 pixel 'blocks'. The site has gained almost 200,000 hits in its first month, and the traffic keeps pouring in.

For more information please visit http://www.pixelsavvy.com