- FREE classifieds service shows rapid growth as it expands its services to all communities in the United States.

February 04, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Traverse City Michigan based web design firm, colossalFirm, announces the latest launch of version 2.0, a web based free community classified website that enables people to buy, sell, trade, find people of similar interests, communicate and connect with their community online.

The latest launch lets Northboard users create their own free Northboard classifieds service for any community in the Unites States. No city or town too big or small, all you need is a postal/zip code and with just a few clicks you will have your very own free Northboard classifieds website for your community! Northboard is the first community created, self-serve, user grown, free classifieds service on the web!

Northboard provides a free platform for individuals to place traditional newspaper classified ads online instantaneously, view ads placed by others of similar interest and connect online. Northboard's online classified service gives the community an opportunity to reach a larger reader base than traditional print classifieds, there is no registration required and it works in real time so there is no waiting period. All communication is web and email based saving time, money and paper. The person placing the ad has the ability to activate, delete and renew at their leisure and can also help monitor the board by “flagging” anything deemed inappropriate.

Northboard strives to be a premier online classified website for local communities. Traditional newspaper classifieds are expensive, require a waiting period before they run, and produce waste! With, the results are instant, there's no waste, and no geographical boundaries, allowing the community to communicate on their terms.

Make history by creating your Northboard and start your very own free classifieds community today!

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