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February 04, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Tualatin, OR - Conditions are ideal at Hideki Electronics, Inc. as the company readies its new Honeywell branded Complete Home Weather Station, a product that measures any condition from Mother Nature, including UV Index.

Jim Boyle, president of Hideki Electronics, said, “Our new Honeywell Complete Home Weather Station monitors every practical environmental condition so that every member of the household can make informed choices about activities, comfort, and safety.”

The new product (Model TE923, MSRP $299.99), marketed by Hideki under the Honeywell brand name, is the world’s most feature-rich home weather station to date. While the product offers an infra-red remote control capability, atomic time, and up to eight wireless indoor and outdoor sensors that have a range of 300 feet, the ultraviolet intensity sensor is possibly the most compelling new development in home weather condition monitoring.

According to Boyle, adding a UV index sensor was a top priority to Hideki. “The risks associated with UV rays are a major health concern. It is a matter that we took very seriously. Hideki and Honeywell want everyone to know that ‘we’ve got your back’ protected,” Boyle continued “There will not be any sunburn on your shoulders if you glance at the new Honeywell weather station before you shed your shirt to mow the lawn or head to the beach. The new UV index sensor is one of the many features that relay useful information for daily living.”

Proving the importance of Hideki’s new product feature, according to the National Center for Disease Control, over one million cases of skin cancer are diagnosed annually in the United States alone . The new Honeywell weather station provides awareness of the health concern and consumers can be proactive in personal cancer prevention. The American Cancer Society says that the vast majority of skin cancers are due to unprotected ultraviolet radiation (UV) exposure. Most of this radiation comes from sunlight…. The amount of UV exposure depends on the strength of the light, the length of exposure, and whether the skin is protected.

When centrally located in the home, the large high-resolution backlit LCD screen of the Honeywell Home Weather Station accommodates easy examination of all weather conditions in addition to many other informative readings. The product stores over 200 weather records taken from its multiple sensors and through the UBS cable (included), can be uploaded to any PC for charting.. In addition, the product is equipped with atomic radio reception to automatically adjust the exact time, multiple wake up and ice warning alarms, snooze function, and choices of clock and calendar templates. The moon phase along with sunrise and sunset times are also constantly displayed. All of the information collected by the Honeywell weather station is presented in a choice of six different languages (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Dutch) and icons indicate conditions such as Sunny, Partly Cloudy, Cloudy, Slight Rain, Heavy Rain, Snow and Unstable Weather.

Other sensors of the Honeywell Weather Station transmit indoor and outdoor temperature, wind speed and direction, rain fall amounts, humidity levels, and atmospheric pressure trends. The thermo-hygrometers, UV, anemometer (wind), and rain collector each have a range over 300 feet to wireless transmit sensitive environmental data to the main unit.

A maximum of five separate channels of temperature and humidity readings can be monitored too. “Temperatures can be monitored upstairs and downstairs, inside and/or outside, in a baby nursery, wine cellar, in-law apartment, attic, garage… anywhere,” Boyle added.

The Honeywell Complete Weather Station can also be personalized for individual weather preferences and guides. Comfort level indicators are input to personal specifications and are constantly analyzed for current environmental conditions and weather standards. There are alerts for humidity levels, freezing, ice, wet and dry conditions, and optimal circumstances. A daily rainfall or wind alarm can sound if rainfall exceeds a pre-specified amount or wind speed rises above safety levels. Each of the features also keeps an internal memory of daily, weekly, and monthly readings for quick comparisons that allow accurate reporting of any extreme activity.

Hideki Electronics was established in 1989, as a division of the publicly listed parent company, K&P International Holding Ltd. The company is a manufacturer and marketer of some of the world’s finest products, including Hideki branded analog and digital radio controlled clocks, home weather stations, calculators, plastic products, Honeywell weather stations, timers, stopwatches, electrical outlet timers, wall clocks, projection clocks, tabletop clocks and travel clocks, and other OEM products including car accessories, and telephone casings, among other molded housings. Hideki operates offices in the U.S., Europe, Hong Kong, and China. The Hideki 10,000 square-meter factory based in China employs nearly 2,000 people and the Hong Kong office contains the company’s research and development, engineering, tooling shop, product design, product development, packaging, and graphic design. For further information about the company, please see the company website at For product sales, please visit and The toll-free number for customer service product support is 1-866-443-3543.
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