Coastal Vacations Director Jay NaPier Eliminates Confusion About Coastal Vacations.

February 04, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Nashville, TN (PRLeap) February 4, 2006 — Jay NaPier, former restaurant franchise owner and Coastal Vacations Level 3 Director eliminates confusion about Coastal Vacations.

Coastal Vacations is an 11 year old association of entrepreneurs who sell wholesale vacation packages. We have 3 packages including Domestic and International, where you earn $1000 - $9,705 per transaction. The packages include trips and accommodations from major companies in the travel industry, including: Carnival Cruise, Marriott, Alamo, Access, and many more. Plug into our proven turnkey marketing system and start earning thousands your very first month in business

Jay told us, As one of the few Level 3 Director who actaully answers his phone when it rings, I get alot of questions about Coastal Vacations from people who are considering the membership and from people who are looking to make Coastal Vacations their homebased business.

We asked Jay, "What has made you the most sought after Coastal Vacations Director to partner with?"

"I have years of expirence that has brought me to my Coastal Vacations business. I've owned my own Restaurant Franchise, Convience Store, Advertising Agency, Consulting Firm, Soy Candle Network Marketing Company and I've been a Top Distributor with network marketing companies. I have the proven expirence people look for in a business partner. I have a proven system that I've been using in my businesses for years that does 95% of the work for you. Most importantly, I understand that people are not looking to be just another transaction, they want a partner who will train with a personal, one on one approach. A partner who'll be available to them and share their expirence."

Jay, What are some recent questions you've gotten from people considering Coastal Vacations as a homebased business?

I believe that there are no dumb questions. I'm open to answer any questions about Coastal Vacations and I do not hold back.

1) Can couples work Coastal Vacations together?

Yes, the great thing about Coastal Vacations is that using the membership is one of the most important parts of the business. My wife has always played a passive roll in my businesses until I started my Coastal Vacations business. Today, she looks forward to our next Vacations and she's eager to help in every way.

2) Is it hard to find people who have the money to purchase the travel memberships?

No, Most people plan their vacations in advance and they have put aside the money for their vacations. I simply help them better spend their vacation funds.

3) How can Coastal Vacations offer so much value, for such little cost?

First, quantity discounts. Coastal Vacations works with over 50 travel companies and our volume buying is just one reason.

You also need to understand that Hotels, Resorts and Cruise lines have a vacancy rate. We help them fill the open rooms that would not have been sold. Ounce a Cruise Ship sales, the revenue from an open room is lost.

4) Do you have to be a salesperson to be successful with Coastal Vacations?

No, The great thing about Coastal Vacations is that we do not sell. We're really more like tour guides who are simply helping people who want to work from home gather the information they need.

5) Do you have a duplicatable system?

Yes, The system I use utilizes printed, Live conference, and audio/video training. You'll be able to use my teams $100,000+ Business Development Center. The Center consists of the contact management system, online movie presentation, autoresponder system with pre-made templets that allow you to send html emails and 4 websites.

The biggest reason I've become the most sought after Coastal Vacations Director is because I eliminate the confusion and hype that is found on the internet" said Jay.

"There's alot of hype and confusion about Coastal Vacations on the internet. Alot of what is seen is beyond most peoples budget and is not duplicatable. When my phone rings, I'm available to answer questions, but more importantly my system is easily understood and duplicatable."

Jay said, Im not looking for just anyone to join my Coastal Vacations Business. I have an duplicatable process that I use that provides information to potential business partners and that process also allows me to find people who are coachable, trainable and dependable. Im looking for people who have the same spirit I have, they must have a positive attitude, they must be dead serious about changing their lives and they must be 100% committed to their own success.

I give my team the recipe for success, with one on one customized training to each team member and I do not charge them an arm and a leg for internet tools." said Jay.

"People who want to get their Coastal Vacations questions answered should call me. I'll do all the rest." said Jay.

Please contact Jay directly at 615-573-2536 to get your Coastal Vacations questions answered. You can learn more about Coastal Vacations business at

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