Predators Unleashed – Powerful Traffic Development Software Barracuda 2.0

February 05, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan May 6, 2006 — Today, as part of "Predators Unleashed” initiative, BoonEx Group has launched new version of its famous directory script - Barracuda 2.0 Traffic Development Software. New Version offers threefold application – links directory, links exchange and traffic analyzer. Links directory application includes ability of Barracuda directory script to create Yahoo and DMOZ like directories with unlimited amount of categories and links. This ability is backed with number of AJAX-based features.

Links exchange application consists of Barracuda software's ability to manage links exchange process from asking reciprocal link during submission to creating template email notifications asking members of site to add reciprocal link. Administration panel of Barracuda script offers user-friendly and easy links partners correspondence management.

Web marketing analyzer ability empowers sites by Barracuda TDS to track site's position in Google, Yahoo and MSN for unlimited amount of preset keywords. Site owners can watch traffic trends via site positions and traffic history and analyze traffic from backward links.

It was mentioned in "Google Sued Over Drop in SERP" article at that directories need to have original content. New version of Barracuda offers such feature as listing info, which adds more related content pages to directory. In addition, this feature allows directory visitors add comments with original content and related links. Finally, directory shows listed websites PR and Alexa rank and offers opportunity to create editors accounts for webmasters willing to add several websites.

Barracuda 2.0 Traffic Development Software now not only adds directory but also assist in efforts to increase website traffic, make it stable and make it grow. All features of new software can be seen at online demo and also at web directory.

New version of Barracuda Traffic Development Software comes with new approach to support - BoonEx Club. This is not simply a forum where support is offered. BoonEx Club is a community of professionals that include both supporters from BoonEx Team and experts in various online business fields such as seo, e-marketing, hosting and others. Community creates collaborative technical documentation, participates in discussion boards with tips and hints, develops additional Barracuda modules, language files, plugins and design templates. All these services make BoonEx Club membership a must have for serious users of Barracuda Traffic Development Software.

About BoonEx Group

BoonEx Group was founded on 15th of December 2004. It was initially organized from group of smaller companies and new attracted professionals with experience in software development, web-promotion, marketing, and management. BoonEx group is gradually implementing a long-term plan of company development on the market of Information Technologies. BoonEx Group runs several commercial websites and serves customers from all over the world. BoonEx Group has over 50 full-time employees, all with great professional background, education and experience. Currently BoonEx Group announced four software - Ray, Shark, Barracuda and Dolphin.