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September 01, 2017   Business News
(PRLEAP.COM) September 1, 2017 - A Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is a performance measure usually associated with organizational performance rather than individual performance. KPIs are frequently used to determine progress towards strategic goals and objectives. Over the years, the term KPI has been used to describe many things. Intrafocus has gone back to basics to examine what we really mean by KPI.

The eBook, looks at the Key Performance Indicator, starting with a clear definition and then going on to describe a step-by-step approach to creating and maintaining meaningful KPIs. The word 'meaningful' has been included intentionally in the title. The book suggests that a KPI is not meaningful unless it is associated with a business objective.

"Years ago Peter Drucker coined a phrase, 'If you can't measure it, you can't manage it'" says Clive Keyte, Director at Intrafocus. "the problem with that approach is there is a tendency to measure everything. It is completely unnecessary. There is a new management philosophy and it is focus, focus, focus".

Keyte is, of course, referring to the law of diminishing returns. If you plan to do one thing, you will do it well. If you plan to do five things, you will do them badly. If you plan to do ten things, you will do nothing at all. The eBook takes this concept and looks at how to determine what is important to measure, and what is not.

The book is not over-burdened with theory. "We have taken the subject and broken it down into its component parts and put it back together in an easy to read format," Says Keyte. "The book reads more like a step-by-step set of instructions with clear examples"

Intrafocus is one of the few strategic consultancy organizations that has made a positive effort to provide useful free content on their website. This eBook and a large selection of other business strategy reference material can be found in their Strategy Resources Centre.

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Intrafocus is a strategic management consultancy and KPI management software reseller. They offer services to Europe, The Middle East, and Africa. As an affiliate of the Balanced Scorecard Institute, Intrafocus runs strategic planning and balanced scorecard training classes. In-house strategy workshops are also provided for management teams to help them produce lasting strategies that can be successfully implemented.
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