February 05, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
With the new Government campaign aiming to persuade the nation to cut down on salt before it cuts short our lives, it's important to know that not all salt harms some heals and has untold health benefits. The salt that negatively affects our health is the refined salt found in processed foods and in most of our kitchens and not original whole crystal salt, found naturally in salt mines.

According to Author and Biophysicist, Peter Ferreira, the crystal salt found in the Himalayas is actively good for us and has remarkable healing and cleansing powers. The incredible properties of this salt are explored in Ferreira's groundbreaking book Water & Salt The Essence of Life.

The book has been a runaway bestseller in Germany, sweeping the nation and changing attitudes towards salt with regard to diet, health, and healing. Ferreira claims that Himalayan Crystal Salt is not only healthy to consume, but can be used in the treatment of numerous diseases and health conditions. He believes Himalayan Crystal Salt to be a powerful and efficient natural remedy.

A regular intake of "sole", the combination of water and Crystal Salt, stimulates circulation, can lower blood pressure and remove heavy metals in our body such as mercury from dental fillings. It cleanses the body, flushes out the intestines, detoxifying the whole system.

The salt can be used on food and in cooking, taken as sole (pronounced solay) a salt/water solution, and bathed in. Sole inhalation is used to treat sinus problems, respiratory conditions, allergies and asthma. Sole wraps alleviate soft tissue injuries, arthritis and rheumatism, and beauty face and body masks treat skin conditions, curb the ageing process and help eliminate cellulite. There are even crystal salt lamps that neutralise electro-smog caused by high frequency equipment in the home and office.

The Himalayan Crystal Salt used for conducting the medical research revealed in Water & Salt The Essence of Life continues to be utilised by the medical profession and is recognised in mainstream medicine.

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