GoldCalling® Video Demo - Randal Williams Int’l. Mentor/Coach Uses GoldCalling® to Explode his Business & Income! The MLM & Direct Sales Automated System that creates Massive In Bound Calls Weekly!

February 05, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Imaging having over 200,000 prospects hearing about your opportunity, product or services monthly! “I increased my income by over $18,000 in just 18 days using Gold Calling®! And only spoke to prospects that contacted me, no cold calls!” Randal states.

The Gold Calling® system incorporates a state of the art Voice Broadcast system, VoIP integrated Contact Manager Database, Website Contact Management, Lead Capture system, Email, News Letter and AutoResponder system that is like no other system! "The Gold Calling® system is truly revolutionizing the way MLM and home based business professionals run their global marketing efforts," Randal states.”

Building a successful MLM or Home Based Business requires promoting your website, speaking to many prospects, a continuous source of leads and a serious follow up system. “This system removes the FEAR of Calling and eliminates the need for expensive Pay-Per Clicks, News Paper Ads, and Buying expensive Leads, Randal states.

Randal states; “Our system simply put allows you to focus on speaking to serious prospects that Call You. And that “The best type of lead is one that Calls You.”

GoldCalling® is an incredible way to promote your website or to announce your company’s new product or service”.

In addition to the Gold Calling® system Randal Williams Mentors and Coaches MLM, Direct Sales and Home Based Business professionals on sales, advanced marketing, no cost lead generation and internet marketing techniques, multiple streams of income and provides 1 on 1 consulting and mentoring.

"I have been in the Recruiting, MLM, Direct Sales and Home Business arena for over 15 years and have team members in many countries," stated Randal. "I have been looking for a serious system like this for years, now there is one. The Gold Calling® system – is; a dream come true and provides an incredible income stream!”

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Randal Williams
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PH: 646.723.4369 CST