Affiliate Marketing Course Teaches People How To Earn Income Working From Home Part-time

February 07, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Coral Springs, Florida — The Affiliate ATM teaches people how to find, develop and sell products over the Internet, providing access to a marketplace of millions of buyers. Now anyone with a web browser and the desire to make money can have their own Internet business. Work at home jobs are increasingly in demand today, for moms who prefer to stay at home, people with disabilities. With the increasing costs of gas and people's desire to take control of their own lives, having an online business can be a great solution. The ability to select the right products and advertise them properly on the Internet puts financial freedom within the grasp of anyone who's willing to learn something new by leveraging their mind and their web browser to make money.

"Most people think the 'dot-com' era has already come and gone…nothing could be further from the truth. With over 723 million people on the Internet today worldwide, the opportunities to connect people with products and services they need is bigger than it's ever been. Regular people are making tens of thousands of dollars a month, on a part-time basis, selling over the Internet. And the beauty is, once you've located a product niche and have it making money consistently, it takes very little time to keep these passive income streams rolling in. It's a lot easier than most people realize", according to Rick Braddy, author of The Affiliate ATM.

The Affiliate ATM provides a complete system for making money online as a newbie or an experienced Internet marketer growing an online business. It contains step-by-step illustrated information on exactly how to select winning products, turn services into digital products, and then promote them successfully by reaching out to millions across the Internet. The product consists of a 130 page "Digital Dot-Com Cookbook(tm)", which includes numerous recipes for online success, including proven techniques that have generated over $3,600 a day from 45 minutes of effort.

The Affiliate ATM includes everything an entrepreneur needs to get started successfully, plus a complete traffic-generating strategy for getting products and services in front of thousands of qualified buyers every day. It also includes information on product pricing strategy, how to write effective e-books, how to create a digital product from an existing offline service and dozens more ways to create multiple online income streams.

Contact Rick Braddy for more information about The Affiliate ATM. Direct line: 954 612-3732

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