Justin Paul Debuts with iTunes Success

February 07, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Entertainment News
Justin Paul: A 22nd-century Blend of Director, DJ, Producer and Professor Debuts With iTUNES Success.


The buzz thatís been building over Justin Paul — a Philly protégé of King Britt — is rattling like a broken subwoofer with the recent release of the single "Red Shift." Paul, a 22nd-century blend of director, DJ, producer and professor, has scored a surprise hit with "Red Shift," a cinematic excursion into deep house.

Justin Paulís music, which is also featured on his EP (an iTunes Exclusive), is already drawing praise. The world-renowned DJ and producer Josh Wink says he "really digs" the songs "Data Entry and "Red Shift," and an Inthemix.com review declares, "ĎRed Shiftí reminds me of a how a Vangelis album comes in. The sliding percussion and solid drum back it up as needed. At three minutes in, this song is just getting to halfway through, and Justin Paul has an ability to change pace almost without you noticing."

But Justin Paul is much more than the latest DJ-turned-artist. An acclaimed director and editor who has overseen music videos for eclectic artists "The Nova Dream Sequence" and "King Britt presents Sylk130". The music video Justin Paul directed for King Britt aired on MTV Tokyo, Much Music Canada and Austrian TV. The music video for "The Nova Dream Sequence" was used to demo the Motorola iTunes phone at the 2005 Winter Music Conference. Justin Paul also has directed, produced and consulted on numerous video and media projects with FiveSixMedia and SHIFTVIDEOô (http://www.shiftvideo.com)which he co-owns with Emmy-winning producer Chris Jolissaint. Recently Justin Paul produced an interactive Final Cut Pro Studio training DVD for LikeAProMedia (http://www.likeapromedia.com). LikeAProMedia has been endorsed by the producer of "The Blair Witch Project." Justin Paul also has been a faculty member at the Art Institute of Philadelphia (stu.aii.edu/~jpm181) for almost a decade teaching digital media courses in digital editing, directing, special effects and audio production.

"I'm not the kind of artist that can focus on just being a music producer, a DJ or a director. All of these disciplines make up who I am," says Justin, who admits he "canít push the buttons on a computer fast enough" to keep up with his sonic and visual creations. "I wish I could just download my creative brainstorms and daydreams back to a remote server. Even when Iím just walking to the subway, my mind takes the sound and visuals from the analog world and remixes them into a story or a track. My mind becomes music and video software, closing the gap between man and computer. I'm looking forward to when we can download our consciousness into a computer and create endless digital art."

* To listen to "Red Shift," "Midnight Xpress" and "Data Entry," and to check out other song and video samples from Justin Paul, visit his official web site at http://www.justinpaul.net or http://www.djjustinpaul.com

The direct link to "The Justin Paul EP" in iTunes - :http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewArtist?artistId=43498241&originStoreFr..143441

Link to music video samples directed by Justin Paul:


A sampling of Justin Paul's performances include: MTV Rock the Vote Party, Philadelphia; The Guggenheim, Soho, NYC New Yearís Eve 1997; Barmacy, NYC; Music Makes Magic, Washington, D.C. with King Britt; Fluid, Sylk City & Shampoo nightclubs, Philadelphia; Beauty Bar and the Clinton Hotel, South Beach, Miami; and The Sky Lark Lounge, San Francisco, to name just a few.

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