Handy Password 3.4: Necessary information always is ready at hand

February 07, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Handy Password 3.4 solves two problems in one. It significantly eases work operation and saves all necessary information inside company. So chiefs can be sure that all passwords, contacts, lock combinations etc will be kept in firmís database and wonít be gone with an employee. And system administrators can free their mind and always put hand on needed information.
Handy Password is a login manager that saves and keeps both online and offline information. Its features make a work process faster and more convenient. A user doesnít need to hardly call to mind colleaguesí phone numbers or bank account, donít lose sheets of paper with meeting time and donít need to remember numerous web-registration data. The program will become a main storage, a calendar and a notebook.

Moreover, Handy Password 3.4 has other useful features.
The feature of fields auto-filling gives an opportunity to make the most of userís time. It takes about one minute to fill in a usual online-form. If a person uses Handy Password 3.4 it takes only several seconds. By one click a user fills the most general information fields and then by a single mouse click - nickname and password fields.

When a user starts the program he inputs only one password, which opens the access to all other passwords and logins only to him. Handy Password user has to remember just one password, but it must be very random password. He can create it himself, of course. Just think up of a word, change case of letters, and add a few numbers at the beginning and at the end of the word, and a special character or two.

Or a user can use a random password generator, which can generate strong secure passwords automatically using any set of characters of his choice. It allows to generate passwords that are extremely difficult to crack or guess due to optional combination of lower and upper case letters, numbers and punctuation symbols. Moreover, all the data a user saves in Handy Password 3.4 are protected by 128-bit encryption.
Also if a user has a problem with the program using, he doesnít need to send us a letter or call us. Handy Password 3.4 report about program errors to our supporters and theyíll send e-mail with recommendation and will help a user with the first stage of Handy Password 3.4 using. This function allows working with Handy Password more effectively. It saves time and energy that a user can spend on more useful and important things.

On the whole, if you want to defend online and offline information by secure and reliable program and if you want to always put hand on necessary data you need Handy Password 3.4.

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