An Intriguing Suspense Novel Written By A Policeman From Erie Pennsylvania Reaches A Top 6th Position On Buy.Com

February 10, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Entertainment News
Williamsport, PA (PR Leap) Ė- "The Ambassadorís Agenda," a new novel written by author James T. Stumpo, who was a Detective with the City of Erie Police Department Office of Criminal Investigation Major Crime Unit, is available through most major bookstores and online.

The novel is about a Private Investigator summoned by a U.S. Ambassador to locate a fictitious suspect in a diamond heist. The trail seemingly leading to the perpetrator was a cleverly devised scheme. An elaborate foreign counterfeiting distribution ring operated by the C.I.A. was unearthed and a surreptitious entry into the facility was madeócapturing evidence of a vast conspiracy.

A woman posing as a photographer but agent incognito became involved with the Private Investigator. A major News Syndicate was secretly presented the damaging proof, which was artfully exhibited to the media for purchase. The Black Operation Branch intercepted communications between the media and P.I. Grave things started happening to journalists. The media agreed to rendezvous with OíKeefe in Seattle. Agents intervened at the last momentówhich was too late. The P.I. and his accomplice eluded government agents and the incriminating documents were seized.

The P.I. later met with the Ambassador in Switzerland. Key officials later discreetly dismantled the program.

A resident of Pennsylvania, James Stumpo grew up in Erie County and is a veteran Sergeant that served in the United States Marine Corps elite STA Teams as a Recon Assistant Team Leader, assigned to an intelligence section. Stumpo brings the story to life, drawing from his military and police background. He received his formal Municipal Police Officers Education at Mercyhurst College.

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*The Ambassadorís Agenda
By *James T. Stumpo
Trade Paperback
Softcover/September 2005
ISBN No. 1-4137-7659-0