Independent Report explains Workflow Risk Management Benefits

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10 February 2006

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Independent Report explains Workflow Risk Management Benefits

The 2006 edition of the independent report, The Business Case for Workflow, published by independent consultants, Lilley Information Systems. includes a new Risk Management Benefit’s section.

Workflow is software that makes it easier to automate complete business processes, across, up and connecting to outside the organisation. It helps to avoid the familiar complaints of conventional software, that business processes are too slow and unreliable.

‘With all the interest in risk management, as a result of 9/11, scandals like the Enron affair and more regulations, it is important to be independently aware of how workflow can help’ said author and consultant, Vic Lilley.

Seeing Risk Management as just involving buzzwords, like Corporate Governance and Compliance, can mean missing risks, according to Lilley. So, in addition, the report takes a systematic approach, seeing risk management as; the protection of assets against loss or reduction, from risk, over their complete life cycle.

But the aim of the Report, is to help business and IT people. understand and make the Business Case For Workflow, to improve organisational performance overall, not just risk management, so synergistic benefits result.

‘It’s very difficult, these days, to understand technology, especially for business people’ said Lilley. ‘Everyone is time poor, so this report is aimed primarily at business people to make them more effective and save their time.’ ‘Although IT management will find it useful too.’ ‘At only 42 informative A4 pages, it can be read in about 2 hours.

The guide explains what workflow is, its features, benefits and disadvantages. Related technology and ideas are briefly covered, including Business Process Management (BPM). Because of partly repetitive feature/benefit chains, a more economical and easier to retain, General Process Operational Benefits section was added. Application Benefits are by organisation function and enterprise-wide. A Strategic Benefit’s section helps align workflow with business strategy. Finally, the Risk Management Benefit’s section was added. Costs are briefly covered. Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) has its own section, as does Management.

Previous purchasers include; Central and Local Government, Associations, Large and Small Businesses, Training Organisations, Consultants and Workflow Software Manufacturers. The Business Case For Workflow Report, £147, is available from Lilley Information Systems on or telephone +44 (0)20 8573 3911.


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