Manchester Nutritional Therapist Questions whether “We Are What We Eat”

February 10, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
The statement that “we are what we eat” is constantly repeated. However, Manchester based nutritional therapist, Elizabeth Harfleet says that this is not always true.

According to Elizabeth who runs the popular nutritional therapy website,, not everything we eat, even in the healthiest diet is always fully absorbed. This is because factors such as stress, prescribed medicines and alcohol can all impair absorption. As a result, what we eat is not the only thing affecting who we are.

But all is not lost. Elizabeth says that simple steps can be taken to maximise the benefits of nutrients in the daily diet. These could include drinking plenty of pure water; taking a food intolerance test to identify if there are foods which are either not being absorbed or which are preventing other foods from being absorbed; reducing alcohol intake; ensuring a high intake of plant based foods as opposed to animal foods and keeping high fat, high sugar junk foods to a minimum.

Ultimately, by improving your digestive you will be able to make the most of nutrients in your diet, so that you are what you eat.