Nutritionists Created Lypofit Duo That Helps With Weight Loss

April 28, 2018 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Nutritionists developed a new formula, aimed at reducing appetite, boosting the immune system, blocking the absorption of simple carbs, and reducing the amount of subcutaneous fat. It is called Lypofit Duo, and as the name shows, it comes in 2 separate dropper bottles.

The liquid in pink bottle is for morning use and contains Green coffee extract (lowers appetite, speeds up metabolism, normalizes blood sugar levels, provides energy and improves working ability), Prickly Pear Cactus leaf extract (decreases the level of blood sugar and bad cholesterol and enhances the process of weight loss), Grapefruit seed extract (prevents the absorption of 85% of the food fats and their accumulation within the body).

Thе substance in green bottle conisiсts of Cayenne pepper extract (removes subcutaneous fats and eliminates signs of cellulite), Cuminum Cyminum extract (decreases the levels of bad cholesterol while at the same time affects fat reduction), and Dragon fruit (thanks to the prebiotics it contains, dragon fruit easily improves gut health and thus boosts the metabolic processes in the body).

In the near future, Lypofit Duo manufacturing company will focus on developing specific products for obesity treatment , general weight loss, and also products intended to improve the overall health. All products will be created with the consumer in mind, meaning that every single supplement will be designed to be as effective as possible.

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