Email Marketing promises companies greater opportunities, but New Media Gateway cautions the need for system administrative controls.

February 10, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Email marketing offers sales and marketing staffs a very effective and expedient way of reaching out to existing customers and generating new leads. Like any other marketing initiative, email marketing must be conducive to a company’s brand image. This, seems obvious enough, but can prove difficult when implementing email marketing throughout an entire company. Without proper managerial or administrative controls, empowering a company's staff and various departments to each create their own unique email campaigns could actually have a reverse, even negative effect, on both lead generation and brand integrity.

Any advertising or marketing executive or expert will explain you that brand image functions as the personality, or face, of a business. It's no wonder why that image needs representation in every piece of company communication. Often, however, when companies allow employees to create their own custom email campaigns utilizing images, color schemes, and text, they run the risk that their brand will likely be skewed in many directions. The only way to assure that employees stay within ‘brand-approved’ guidelines is to keep a present level of control and monitoring. Maintaining such a managerial presence would typically require considerable time and micromanagement.

New Media Gateway’s Email Marketing Center - just one of nine interoperable modules within the Digital Marketing Center - is the first system of its kind to allow administrators total control over the level of customization available to users. This system is unique in that users can create completely customizable campaigns by selecting from a database of company images, videos, flash animations, templates, and text; all depending on their level of access. Having this password protected, user controlled module means each user will only have those options that are made available to them. All content available to users is pre-approved and controlled on either a company-wide, or individual scale. Possessing this level of control assures that a company may benefit from both the accessibility and effectiveness of email marketing, while staying true to the brand.

Accessibility control is not the only clear advantage that NMG has to offer. The Email Marketing Center, in cooperation with the other modules of the Digital Marketing Center, will allow administrators to monitor and direct all digital marketing. They can manage, upload, and market to all contacts within the Contact Management System. They can create on-the-fly flash presentations from pre-approved material with the Presentation Generator. They can create and distribute in-depth customer surveys with the Survey System. Further, they can create and print custom documents with the On-Demand Print Center. Finally, they can maintain an unlimited number of microsites with the Microsite Generator, and much more.

With the digital products and solutions offered by NMG, any company can revolutionize the way their sales and marketing staff operate. Like all forms of digital marketing, email campaigns can offer an entire new spectrum of accessible opportunities. Nevertheless, without the proper control and administrative options, users of can greatly distort and confuse the positioning that their company has worked tirelessly to maintain. Utilizing the tools of New Media Gateway allows a business to truly harness the power of digital marketing.

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