Adventure Park at Nashville To Open in West Meade, Offering Zip Line & Climbing Fun – Jobs Available

May 23, 2018 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
The Adventure Park at Nashville, a new combination tree-top climbing and zip line experience, is set to open in the West Meade area at 801 Percy Warner Blvd in Nashville on June 9, 2018. Located on about five acres of forest on the grounds of the Gordon JCC, it will be the largest attraction of its kind in the Nashville area.

- Fun for Kids, Teens, Adults & Groups Different Ages & Abilities - The Park will feature a selection of 12 different color-coded "aerial trails" that include both zip lines and challenge bridges between tree platforms. Climbers proceed from tree to tree across these various bridges and zip lines. The trails are graded, according to challenge difficulty, from those suitable for three-year-old children at about two feet off the ground, to advanced trails for the more athletic at 50 feet off the ground, with a wide selection of intermediate trails to choose from. Non-climbing family and friends are admitted free of charge to share the experience from the ground, at the picnic tables and benches provided.

Starting with opening day June 9, The Adventure Park at Nashville's regular summer hours, from June 9 - Sept 4, will be Mon-Fri: 10:00 AM 10:00 PM, Sat, Sun/Holidays: 9:00AM 10:00 PM. The Park will revise its hours for the fall season afterwards.

The Adventure Park at Nashville is designed, built and operated by the Outdoor Venture Group, LLC, (Outdoor Ventures) which currently operates five other Adventure Parks nationally, in Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, and Virginia. The company brought the modern Swiss style Adventure Park to the United States in 2008.

"We can't wait to bring this wonderful experience to the people in Nashville," said Outdoor Ventures CEO, Bahman Azarm, "It's a fun outdoor activity, it's wholesome, it makes people feel great and it brings families and people together."

- Job Openings -

There are job openings currently available. To learn more applicants are invited to visit the Park's website: or Facebook for more information.

- About The Adventure Park -

The Adventure Park features a special combination experience of zip lines mixed with challenge bridges between the trees that keeps people coming back for more. The Park's friendly staff is available to answer questions and assist from the moment customers arrive to the moment they conclude their climb and return home with satisfied "I did it!" smiles.

The Adventure Park is not one single aerial treetop trail but a variety of different, color-coded aerial trails of differing challenge levels—beginner through expert—that climbers choose from depending on their age or climbing experience. There are trails suitable for kids, teens, adults and groups. These trails consist of platforms installed in the trees and connected by various configurations of cable, wood and rope to form "crossings" of different kinds including the ever-popular zip lines. Climbers wear harnesses which are doubly secured to safety cables using the Park's "always locked on" system of interlocking safety clips. Before venturing onto the trails climbers receive an interactive orientation and practice session.

The Adventure Park at Nashville is designed, built and operated by Outdoor Ventures. For further details and updates please visit , email or call (615) 610 9500. On Facebook: @NashvilleAdventurePark.

Media, Please Note:
There will be a press event upcoming before opening day. Inquire to be included on contact list.

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