New NeoVirgin Gel Has Been Presented In Kenya And Senegal

June 22, 2018 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
NeoVirgin LLC announced a new intimate tightening gel designed to narrow vaginal walls, tighten intimate muscles, and eliminate vaginal dryness.The company entered the Asian market last month with this product, and now it spreads NeoVirgin gel in Africa as well.

NeoVirgin gel contains natural ingredients that help to eliminate vaginal dryness, narrow the vaginal walls, and increase sensitivity in the intimate zone. Tremella is the active ingredient in NeoVirgin gel's formula. Tremella, also known as snow fungus or silver ear fungus, has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine. It contains more than 70% dietary fibers including healthful polysaccharides, protein, antioxidants, minerals, and 18 different amino acids. Tremella is rich in vitamin D, which is hard to be obtained from plant foods. Traditionally, women use silver ear mushroom to make the skin moist, soft and elastic. When taken internally, Tremella nourishes the lung, stomach and kidney. It also strengthens the bones and helps maintain a healthy weight. As an ingredient in NeoVirgin gel, Tremella is used because of its tightening, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and calming properties.

From a scientific point of view, tremella can stimulate the body to increase the hyaluronic acid production in the body. It is known that hyaluronic acid helps the skin to retain moisture which makes it appear more supple and youthful. This acid also helps to lubricate joints and moisturise tissues and organs in human's body. With the age, the natural stores of hyaluronic acid decrease, so boosting its naturally production in the body is of high importance.

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