Turmeric Based Depilage Mask Has Been Introduced In Africa

June 23, 2018 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
American based company invented a new turmeric-based hair removal method. It is called Depilage mask and is specially manufactured for the African and Asian online market. The product is appropriate for use even on the most tender places. Most of the hair removal products come in form of creams and gels, while Depilage mask is manufactured in form of powder, which is easily dissolvable in hot water. The substance then should be applied on the problematic zone along the grain of the hair, left for 10-15 minutes until it sets, and then - removed with a sharp motion against the grain of the hair.

Turmeric herb is usually used as spice in the kitchen. It may seem like a strange ingredient in beauty products, but women have been using it for long time to treat different skin problems as oily skin, dark circles around the eyes, sun damages, etc. As part of Depilage mask's composition, Turmeric removes unwanted hair from the roots, because when Turmeric paste is applied, it adheres to the skin quite tightly. After that - when it is removed with a sharp motion against the grain of the hair, the skin becomes smooth and hairless.

The other ingredients in Depilage's formula are bamboo charcoal (for cleansing upper layer of the skin, as well as deep pores), menthol (for reducing itching and irritation, and eliminating unpleasant feelings during the procedure), ether mint oil (for normalizing blood circulation in the area), and sandal oil (has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties).

Depilage mask is already available in Kenya and Senegal. Manufacturer has announced a discount for the first 100 items.

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