2,864 failures came first

February 13, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
… somebody had to fight it through. The clues that held such promise, yet led nowhere at all. The search, that carried around the world and came to nothing. Long nights on the internet, with only discouragement at daybreak.

Somebody has to fight these things through: Purposeful and determined people working together. Dogged, undefeated, they find the new apparel at last, to transcend the energy of wearers. Or return a mind adrift to reality.

Whenever your friend suggests new apparel, search for the story behind it. Years of frustration for a single accomplishment. But in the end, the finest satisfaction man can experience: motivating life and releasing change.

This apparel is created in America – to go all out for discovery then make the benefits available at prices that are bargains compared to the cost of contentment and uncertainty in years gone by.

Millions are motivated today because of yesterday’s efforts to move people into happier and healthier lives within. Millions more will live because of Won’t Be Denied Apparel is taking on the next level.