ANDREA GERAK the Enigmatic Hungarian Female Voice, Possible Successor of Marta Sebestyen

February 13, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Entertainment News
Looking for musical beauty and searching to find impressive, new artists, whose talents leave us perplexed and speachless… In particular, the voice of the little Hungarian woman called Andrea Gerak has not left us indifferent. She has confessed to being influenced by the voices of Enya, Lisa Gerrad, Sally Oldfield and Clannad, and her compatriots like Marta Sebestyen and Iren Lovasz.

In her beginnings, this girl from Budapest was a soloist singer and dancer with various folk groups of her country, and she now tries to guide her career towards being a solo singer. She therefore makes herself known on these web sites that are promoting artists who are just beginning and who not yet sent a Long Play to the market. Her main ground is interpreting Hungarian folk songs and performing them A Cappella or as World fusion, or with electronic instruments in a matrimonial fusion of textures. Other styles in her repertoire include pop, rock and jazz.

If you are a reader of this blog, and are passionate about new "celestial voices", we encourage you to find out how Andrea Gerak sings. One must only know how to search the web sites mentioned above in order to run into artists of enormous quality, because there is "much more gold than what shines in simple view". And this singer is one example of it. If you check with me, it is even possible that she collaborates with a Spanish artist named. We hope that this collaboration is carried out and produces a musical encounter in which they jump with sparks of creativity and voice with synthesisers marry, as has never been imagined before.

As Ramon says, referring to listening to "enchanting" music, it is "enchanting" at the first listening; but that remains hidden to the listener and to music critics entertained in other sacred homes of sound. "TOC, TOC. I am here to be discovered. What are you going to do with me then?" Will you be one of the first ones to meet such musical wonders? That should be your challenge, ours already is, since a while.
Thanks for the kind permission of Dialogos 3.